Sofema Online presents Enroll Now Pay Later A game changer for corporate clients

SOL presents Enroll Now Pay Later A game changer for corporate clients

Sofema Online (SOL) is pleased to present Enroll Now Pay Later – A revolutionary approach to online regulatory course enrollment, exclusively for our corporate clients.

As the global leader in providing EASA-compliant regulatory and vocational training, with over 60,000 enrollments from 2021 to 2023, SOL continues to set the standard for excellence and innovation in the aviation industry.

Empowering corporate clients through knowledge

The Enroll Now Pay Later program is designed to offer unprecedented flexibility and efficiency for corporate training needs (Requires a SOL Corporate User Account, including a PTP membership). Here’s how it benefits you:

  • >> Instant enrollment, monthly billing: Gain immediate access to our extensive range of over 330 Online Courses, Packages, and Diplomas. Enjoy the convenience of a monthly invoice with a 30-day payment term, eliminating any delay due to payment processing.
  • >> Maximized savings: A consolidated monthly report and invoice system not only simplifies administration but also ensures you benefit from maximum discounts.
  • Dedicated management: Assign a Company Account Manager to oversee delegate progress, enhancing oversight and control over your team’s training journey.

As a SOL Corporate Client, you’ll enjoy a suite of exclusive benefits:

  • >> SOL Corporate User Account: Available to all Privileged Training Partner (PTP) members, offering a 15% discount on individual courses and 10% on packages and diplomas.
  • >> Flexible Billing: Monthly invoices with a 30-day payment term.
  • >> Complementary Resources: Receive a free soft copy of course materials after 3 cumulative enrollments.
  • >> Admin Access for Managers: Complete control and visibility over your team’s training progress.

Take the first step towards becoming a member of our exclusive PTP Program and unlock the full potential of the SOL Corporate User Account:

  • >> Easy Enrollment: Simply request a copy of the PTP Agreement at
  • >> Open to All: Our PTP program welcomes any organization seeking to benefit from our comprehensive support and substantial savings.
  • >> Act now – Elevate your corporate training experience.

Enroll Now Pay Later is your key to unlocking the full potential of your team’s regulatory training needs. Join us in leading the way towards a more knowledgeable, compliant, and efficient future. 

Request your PTP Partnership Agreement today at and embark on a journey of seamless, efficient, and cost-effective training with Sofema Online.