Considering Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP) or Enroll Now Pay Later (ENPL)? Which Certification Fits Your Career Goals Best

CFP or ENPL v01Sofema Online (SOL) is pleased to explain the differences and benefits of both the Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP) and Enroll Now Pay Later (ENPL)  

By understanding the strengths of each business model, organizations and individuals can better align their choices with their strategic learning and development goals.


The  Enroll Now Pay Later (ENPL) and  Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP) programs are both strategic approaches to accessing professional training. They each cater to different segments and priorities.

Here's a Detailed Comparison:


Accessible for members of the Privileged Training Partner Program: 

  • Deferred Payment Convenience: Enroll your team members in necessary training programs now without the immediate need to settle payment

  • Monthly Invoicing System: Receive an invoice at the end of each month, providing you with 30 days to manage payments effectively. This feature simplifies the budgeting process and improves financial planning.

  • Discounts on Training: Enjoy a 15% discount on individual courses and a 10% discount on Packages & Diplomas. This reduction can significantly lower training costs, making it easier to invest in employee development.

  • Administrative Efficiency: With the SOL Corporate User Account, your Company Account Manager gets administrative access to monitor and track the training progress of all enrolled employees, which enhances oversight and ensures that training goals are met.

  • Monthly Status Reports: Stay updated with monthly reports detailing the training status and progress of your team. These insights can help adjust training needs and recognize achievements timely.

  • Streamlined Enrollment Process: The flexibility to enrol employees as needed without upfront payment streamlines operations and saves time, allowing your HR and training departments to function more efficiently.

  • Access to a Wide Range of Courses: As a member of the PTP, you gain unique access to the SOL e-learning platform, which offers a variety of courses to meet diverse training needs.

  • Support and Partnership: By choosing ENLP, your organization receives ongoing support from Sofema, ensuring that you have all the tools and resources needed to enhance your training programs effectively.


  • The Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP) offers a comprehensive and flexible way to train your entire workforce with access to a full portfolio of online courses. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and conditions of this program:

  • Client Managed Enrollment: This feature allows clients to self-enroll delegates, offering full control over the enrollment process. Once a delegate completes their training, you can immediately enrol another, maximizing the usage within your allocated slots for concurrent users.

  • Free Soft Copy of Training Materials: Upon successful completion of each course under the CFP, clients receive complimentary soft copies of the training materials. The volume of materials depends on the number of CFP slots purchased, ranging from 5 to 15 days' worth of training materials.

  • Cost Efficiency: The CFP is cost-effective, especially when compared to the costs of sending individual team members to external courses each month. It is designed to train a larger number of employees at a lower cost, providing significant savings.

  • Empowering the Workforce: The pass allows your entire team to access various courses, covering different areas like CAMO & AMO, or even achieving multiple Diplomas. This broad access helps ensure that all team members have the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills.

  • Motivation and Inclusion: By offering training opportunities to the entire workforce rather than a select few, the CFP fosters positive motivation and a sense of inclusivity within your team.


ENPL is best for smaller teams, with access to training immediately and consolidated payments to receive the maximum discount.

CFP is the superior choice for organizations that can invest upfront and need a scalable, comprehensive training solution covering diverse employee needs.

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