Sofema Online Introduces UK CAA Compliant EASA Part 145 Regulatory Training

Sofema Online Introduces UK CAA Specific EASA Part 145 Regulatory TrainingSofema Online (SOL) is pleased to announce the launch of our UK CAA-compliant Part 145 Initial and Recurrent Training Courses.

We now offer a broad range of UK CAA-compliant Part 145 training courses to meet the diverse needs of aviation maintenance professionals within the UK CAA regulatory landscape:

• UK CAA Aircraft Fuel Tank Safety Training – Phases 1 & 2 – Initial
• UK CAA Aircraft Fuel Tank Safety Phase 2 – Recurrent
• Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems Groups 1 & 2 – UK CAA – Initial
• Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems Groups 1 & 2 – UK CAA – Recurrent
• UK CAA Part 145 Human Factor (Initial)
• UK CAA Part 145 Human Factor (Recurrent)
• UK CAA Part 66 Module 9 Human Factors for Foreign Part 145 Approval Holders
• UK CAA Part 66, Module 10 – Aviation Legislation for Foreign Part 145 Approval Holders

  • Why choose Sofema Online for your regulatory training?

  • Expertise and leadership:
    • • As the world’s leading online regulatory training platform, Sofema Online has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, comprehensive training.
    • • Our courses are meticulously designed by industry experts to ensure they meet the latest regulatory requirements and best practices.

Adaptation to regulatory changes & comprehensive UK CAA compliance:

• We stay ahead of regulatory updates, so you don’t have to, providing peace of mind and confidence in your compliance.
• The UK CAA regulations have evolved independently from EASA. Our mission is to keep you up to date, and that’s why our courses reflect these changes, ensuring that your training is always current and relevant, providing compliance with UK CAA regulations.

Global recognition and accessibility:

• With over 100,000 enrollments so far, our courses are recognized by major regulatory bodies, ensuring your qualifications are respected worldwide.
• With 24/7 online access, you can complete your training at your own pace, anywhere in the world.

Introduction to UK CAA Part 145 Regulations

Scope and applicability:

• The UK CAA now regulates Part 145 for maintenance organizations operating within the UK.
• UK CAA’s regulations apply to UK-registered aircraft and maintenance organizations within the UK and Third Country Maintenance Organisations holding UK CAA Part 145 Approval.

Regulatory framework:

• The UK has retained much of the EASA framework but operates with independent regulatory oversight and authority.
• UK Part 145 regulations are based on EASA’s structure but will evolve independently over time.

Approval process:

• Maintenance organizations must obtain UK CAA Part 145 approval to perform maintenance on UK-registered aircraft.
• The UK CAA conducts its audits and inspections to ensure compliance with UK aviation safety standards.

Continuing airworthiness:

• Similar to EASA, the UK CAA’s Part 145 regulations focus on the continuing airworthiness of aircraft.

Recognition and agreements:

• UK CAA approvals are primarily recognized within the UK.
• The UK seeks bilateral agreements to recognize maintenance approvals with other countries, including the EU, but such recognition is not automatic and requires specific agreements.

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