Sofema Online - Should I Choose Enrol Now Pay Later or Prepay Bonus Program?

Sofema Online Should I Choose Enrol Now Pay Later or Prepay Bonus ProgramSofema Online (SOL),, considers the differences between two of our very popular corporate programs: Enrol Now Pay Later (ENPL) and the Prepay Bonus Plan (PBP).

We are pleased to review both and explain how these programs can benefit your training needs.

By understanding each model’s strengths, organizations and individuals can better align their choices with their strategic learning and development goals.


The ENPL and PBP programs are designed to offer flexible payment and enrolment options, each catering to different priorities. Here’s a detailed comparison of both:

Enrol Now Pay Later (ENPL):

>> Enrol in specific courses and defer payment until later.
>> Payment is made on a monthly basis, giving immediate access to training without requiring upfront costs.
>> Larger discounts can be realized due to the monthly accumulation of enrolled courses.
>> Ideal for individuals or smaller organizations seeking financial flexibility.
>> Appeals to those with immediate learning needs but limited upfront budgets.
>> Restricted to the courses selected during enrolment.
>> Allows participants to tailor their course selection to immediate requirements.
>> Flexible payment structure that requires a structured plan to avoid financial risks.
>> Lowers the financial barrier to entry for individuals or small businesses.
Provides immediate access to training without delays, crucial for meeting time-sensitive needs.

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Prepay Bonus Plan (PBP):

>>Clients Prepay for training credits and receive additional bonuses or discounts.
>> Immediate upfront payment provides access to bonus materials and/or discounted pricing on courses.
>> Designed for individuals or organizations with sufficient funding for upfront payments.
>> Ideal for those looking to maximize value through bulk purchasing.
>> Access can be spread across a selected range of courses, maximizing the benefit for clients.
>> Offers financial incentives like bonuses or discounts, which encourage early commitment.
>> Creates loyalty by encouraging continued engagement through training credits.

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>> ENPL: Best for smaller teams needing immediate access to training while seeking consolidated payments for maximum discounts.
>> PBP: Superior for clients who have sufficient funding upfront and want to maximize value through Prepay bonuses.

What makes Sofema Online special?

Sofema Online stands out as a leading provider of online aviation training through its extensive course catalogue, which is tailored to various industry needs.

>> Developed by aviation professionals, its courses ensure industry relevance and compliance with regulatory standards.
>> Flexible learning plans like ENPL, PBP, and CFP offer financial and scheduling adaptability. Check them out
>> Corporate solutions cater to teams of all sizes, promoting continuous professional development. Supported by a dedicated client engagement team and a global reach,
>> Sofema Online provides high-quality, scalable training that helps individuals and organizations stay current, compliant, and equipped for career growth.

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