Don’t miss out! Celebrate Aviation Stores and Logistics Month with Sofema Online this June

Dont miss out Celebrate Aviation Stores and Logistics Month with Sofema Online this June SOLThis June, Sofema Online (SOL) is excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for aviation professionals to upscale their expertise in Aviation Stores and Logistics.

Join us for a free Aviation Stores and Logistics Webinar Workshop. Take advantage of the latest insights and expand your skill set.

Date: 27 June 2024
Starting time: 10:30 – 12:45

But wait, there’s more –  We are delighted to offer a 20% discount on our Aviation Stores and Logistics online training. Use the voucher code “JUNELOGISTICS” at checkout to benefit from this special promotion on the following courses, crafted to strengthen your Aviation Stores and Logistics expertise:

1) EASA Part 145 Logistics Foundation
2) Logistics & Stores Inspection EASA & FAA Suspect Parts Training
3) Logistics & Stores Inspection Part 1 Introduction to an EASA-Compliant Storage System
4) Logistics & Stores Inspection Part 2 Stores Facility Management Guidance and Inspection
5) Logistics & Stores Inspection Part 3 EASA Stores Technical Procedures & Additional Training
6) Logistics and Stores Incoming Inspection – Initial
7) Logistics and Stores Incoming Inspection – Recurrent
8) FAA Regulatory Course for Aviation Logistics & Material Specialists
9) FAA Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures
10) FAA Stores & Receiving Inspection Procedures
11) EASA Part 145 Stores Manual Lifting Training
12) EASA Part 145 & Stores Inspection Combined Assessment for Certifying Staff
13) Part 145 Stores Tooling Control, Inspection Procedures & Best Practice

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Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your skills and knowledge in areas that are essential for your career advancement in June.

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>> With a robust platform that serves thousands of learners globally, SOL is dedicated to providing in-depth, EASA-compliant and vocational training support.
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>> Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals and industry experts through our webinar and online community.

Next Steps

With a rich portfolio of EASA-compliant training courses designed for aspiring aviation professionals, you can count on us to support your career development. Sofema provides the expertise and certifications you need.

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