Transform your training with our EASA-Compliant Online Courses Professional & Affordable

CFP SOL Size v02Empower your organization with over 1200 days of online training for just €5.50 per training day!

Yes, you read that correctly – with approximately 35,000 enrollments expected in 2024, Sofema Online (SOL) offers an outstanding product at an incredible price.

€550/ Month would typically allow you up to 150 Training Days, for you to allocate to your team members

  • >> Flexible Course Options: Courses range from 1 to 5 classroom days, allowing continuous re-enrollment throughout the validity of the Freedom Pass.
  • >> Extensive Offerings: Representing 350 EASA and other regulatory authorities, vocational & regulatory compliant training courses, packages, and diplomas.

Benefits of the Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP) 5:

  • >> Flexible Learning Options: Up to 5 concurrent users can access approximately 1200 online training days over a year.
  • >> Vast Course Selection: With over 350 courses, ensure your team stays current with the latest industry standards and best practices.
  • >> Scalable for Small Teams: Ideal for CAMOs and small 145 organizations, the CFP 5 adapts to your training needs, providing a scalable and sustainable solution.

Exceptional Value:

  • >> Cost-Effective Pricing: Available at 550 EUR/month for a 12-month subscription or 825 EUR/month for a 6-month subscription. Significant cost savings considering the extensive training days and courses available.
  • >> Renewal and Payment Discounts: Enjoy a 10% discount upon renewal and additional savings for annual payments.

Cost Breakdown:

  • >> 12-Month Subscription: Total Cost: €550 /month * 12 months = € 6600 /year
  • >> Daily Training Cost: €6600 / 1200 training days = € 5.50 per training day

Why Choose Sofema Online?

  • >> Expertise in Aviation Training: (SOL) is a dedicated platform facilitated by Sofema Aviation Services, renowned for delivering high-quality regulatory compliance training.
  • >> Comprehensive Support: Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you. Visit our FAQ page or contact us at for further assistance.
  • Easy Enrollment: Take control and provide your team with the training they need to excel. We offer free guest enrollment for your decision-makers and auditors to evaluate our product.

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