Who Needs EASA Quality Audit Refresher Training?

EASA QualityMaybe the answer is we all do from time to time!

A chance to review the roles and responsibilities of the Auditor and the Auditee within the EASA environment and to understand how we can improve our “Root Cause Behaviour”


The purpose of this training is to identify best practice techniques and behaviours to support the delivery of effective audits. The delegate will consider practices to determine the root causes of identified issues.

Effective audits should ensure that we deliver “real” audits which identify any gaps in regulatory or organisational compliance. Which in turn should generate findings leading to corrective and preventive actions together with relevant follow-up tasks.

A typical issue found with the quality assurance environment is often the lack of detail and understanding related to the auditees need to address the Root Cause of any finding.

Consideration will be given to developing high quality reports, meeting professional standards and clearly communicating the need to oblige the business area owner to deliver corrective actions. This course is intended to be highly practical and to help the delegate focus on the 5 elements which exist within the audit finding.

1/ The finding – What is the problem?

It is important that this is understood and stated in detail often as auditors we see the same group of findings repeating multiple times which is a typical indicator we are not getting to the root of the problem.

2/ Why is it a problem – What standard has not been met (is it internal or

Often 5 whys of similar can help to raise a detailed understanding of the fundamental exposures?

3/ Why did it happen? – Here we consider Root Cause – Here the auditee needs to have the competence to assess the root cause of the finding.

4/ What is the consequence – risk or opportunity considered- How will this be moved forward – Auditee responsibility.

5/ Corrective action disposition – Who, What & When – Final consideration has the root cause been assessed in the correct way – buy off by the auditor

The outcomes of such activities play a significant role in supporting the organization to achieve its goals to not just maintain, but to exceed regulatory compliance.

Target Groups

Are you audited by aviation professionals? – If yes then you will benefit from this 1 day specialised training.

This training is also highly relevant for members of the Quality Assurance Audit department, it is also relevant for all business area stake holders and owners. Quality Auditing – Reporting & Root Cause Analysis – Essentials is also beneficial for anyone who is receiving internal audits.