EASA Airports Regulatory Training Available to Comply with (EU) No 139/2014

airportSofema Aviation Services is pleased to offer the availability of the following EASA Compliant Regulatory Training Course for Airports.


The new European Commission Regulation applicable to aerodromes was published and adopted on 12/02/2014. The regulation has a direct impact on Aerodrome Operators and Operations as well as Regulatory Authorities.

EASA is creating a performance based regulatory environment with common standards across all regulations which are enabled by EASA Basic Regulation 216/2008. Specific Focus on Management and Safety Systems is evident. The Aerodrome managers delivering specific oversight. EASA on behalf of all member states is obligated to show compliance with ICAO Standards, Recommendations and Guidance.

Requirements are introduced which have a direct bearing on Management Systems including Quality and Safety and Compliance elements.

The ‘Certification Basis’ (CB) requires aerodromes to compare their actual infrastructure and facilities with that identified within the Certification Specifications (CS) .

The Operations Basis (OB) requires the Aerodrome to provide adescription of the management, operations and safety processes /procedures in place.

The following Subjects will be addressed: 

- Annex ii Part Authority Requirements — Aerodromes (Part-ADR.AR)
- Subpart A – General Requirements (ADR.AR.A)
- Subpart B – Management (ADR.AR.B)
- Subpart C – Oversight, Certification and Enforcement (ADR.AR.C)
- Annex iii Part Organisation Requirements — Aerodrome Operators (Part-ADR.OR)
- Subpart A – General Requirements (ADR.OR.A)
- Subpart B – Certification (ADR.OR.B)
- Subpart C – Additional Aerodrome Operator Responsibilities (ADR.OR.C)
- Subpart D – Management (ADR.OR.D)
- Subpart E – Aerodrome Manual and Documentation (ADR.OR.E)
- Annex iv Part Operations Requirements — Aerodromes (Part-ADR.OPS)
- Subpart A – Aerodrome Data (ADR.OPS.A)
- Subpart B – Aerodrome Operational Services Equipment and Installations (ADR.OPS.B)
- Subpart C – Aerodrome Maintenance (ADR.OPS.C)

What the delegates said about the training?
Excellent examples, Practical approach”
”Everything was perfect”
”The communication was great”
“Answers were provided for all questions asked”
“Presentation of the course was excellent”

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