SofemaOnline offers EASA Operations Triple Course Program for only 99 USD

Man thinking to aircraft 636711496 3142x3174SofemaOnline Virtual Aviation Academy is pleased to offer an unbeatable EASA OPS compliant training at foundation level for entry level staff.

Package of 3 courses for only 99 USD total Price for the package

3 separate courses – 3 examinations – 3 certificates

What better way to introduce your colleagues to the concepts of EASA Regulatory Environment

What is Foundation Level?

It is the perfect way of introducing new staff to the EASA concepts which exist within our industry.

SofemaOnline is pleased to advise that we have launched our Foundation series of online courses which are specifically designed to introduce people who are relatively new to the EASA Regulatory environment to the initial concepts which are used to deliver EASA Regulations.The courses are specifically aimed at new starters and should appeal to companies will be interested to sign up groups of Staff for these courses.

As the delegates will sit an online exam and be able to print a certificate, completing the courses will support the development of Competence in an effective way. 

SofemaOnline offers EASA Regulation 965/2012 OPS Foundation Series Package as a convenient way of updating and understand the currently EASA Ops Regulatory structure including both the Quality Management System (QMS) and Safety Management System (SMS) complete 3 courses, pass 3 exams and receive 3 certificates with this convenient package.

Course No 1 – OPS

(EC) Regulation 965/12 Foundation

EASA OPS Regulation 965. 2012 lays down detailed rules for commercial air transport operations with aeroplanes and helicopters, including ramp inspections of aircraft of operators under the safety oversight of another State when landed at aerodromes located in the territory subject to the provisions of the Treaty.This foundation level course is intended to familiarize Operational and Concerned Personnel with a basic understanding of EASA Reg 965 Ops Structure and Environment with emphasis on Management System, SMS & Compliance Monitoring. 

Course No 2 – Quality Assurance

EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Foundation

Organisations which can deliver an effective quality audit system together with a process to follow up with all issues in an effective and practical way, grow and flourish.This course provides an ideal introduction for persons wishing to have a detailed understanding of an EASA compliant Aviation Quality System, to understand how Quality Assurance should be positioned at the heart of the operation, fully functioning within every department and element of the organisation. 

Course No 3 – SMS Introduction

Aviation SMS Foundation

This course delivers one of the best fundamental SMS introductions available. Building on the importance for all members of the organisation to be able to engage with the SMS.The course provides an understanding of the basic philosophy of how we should interact with the organization's Safety Management System (SMS) dealing with the challenge is understanding how we should interact - this varies across the business depending on our roles and responsibilities within the organisation.

About this course Package

Course type: Promo Package
Package consists of: 
(EC) Regulation 965/12 Foundation
EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Foundation
Aviation SMS Foundation
Total Price: 99 USD

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