SofemaOnline Offers Online EASA Foundation Training Courses

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Designed specifically for your new team members, to bring them up to speed in a controlled and effective way. EASA Foundation Training Courses are Ideal for Competence Building within your business area.

What’s the Story?  is an online training solution developed by Sofema Aviation Services

SofemaOnline (SOL) is an ideal way for busy aviation personnel to undertake online Regulatory and Vocational Training.

More than 80 Courses are currently on offer including a series of courses which we refer to as foundation. 

So What Subjects are covered by Foundation Courses?

Foundation series of online courses which are specifically designed to introduce people who are relatively new to the EASA Regulatory environment to the initial concepts which are used to deliver EASA Regulations.

The courses are specifically aimed at new starters and should appeal to companies will be interested to sign up groups of Staff for these courses. As the delegates will sit an online exam and be able to print a certificate, completing the courses will support the development of Competence in an effective way. 

Currently the Foundation Series covers 9 separate courses, each course is conveniently packaged and focused on a basic understanding of the core subject. After Completion of the Subject matter the student will complete a multi choice exam and print out the certificate. 

Currently available subjects include the following:

Part 66 Foundation

EASA Part 147 Regulatory Training – Foundation

Part M Foundation

EASA Technical Records Foundation

EASA Part 145 Logistics Foundation

Part 145 Foundation

(EC) Regulation 965/12 Foundation

EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Foundation

Aviation SMS Foundation

What are EASA Foundation Packages?

Each Single Foundation Course is priced at 52.50 USD. To offer the most effective option for the client “Natural Groupings” are offered which delivers an optimised package suitable for:

Part 147/Part 66

Part 145

Part M

Part OPS Reg 965 

Foundation packages offer significant savings over the basic price of individual training courses. Significant discounts can be enjoyed by utilizing Foundation Packages. For details see Here

What can do for your organisation?

Sofema Aviation Services celebrates our 10th Anniversary in 2018. Over the years we have built a large portfolio of satisfied clients and many have become SAS Preferred Training Partners which entitles them to additional discounts. The Foundation Training Program is specifically designed for new staff and provides an opportunity to accelerate the learning of new staff in a controlled and effective way.

What are the next steps?

If you would like to discuss the opportunity to provide a learning opportunity for your new staff please email either or