Root Cause Analysis and the Development of Appropriate Mitigations

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Business Area Managers are responsible for the Quality Control and will also be in receipt of numerous audits both internal from the quality Assurance department and external from the Regulatory Authority and Customers.

This training is intended to focus on the needs of the business area owner to respond in an effective way to audit findings and to familiarize with effective audit reporting structures and processes. 

In addition to focus on the understanding of the methodology associated with Root Cause Analysis techniques. 

The ability to communicate effectively and to analyze root causes are without doubt essential skills for business area managers is an essential element. Building on this the training is designed to help you to consider methodologies to connects root cause to the associated organization element and to consider best practice processes for the management and development of procedures. 

Root Cause & Quality Audit Awareness Training for Key Managers offers online training for Nominated Persons and Business Area Managers

Online Training Available Now for only 77.50 USD (285 AED) 

Aviation Quality Auditing & Root Cause Analysis - for Nominated Persons and Business Area Managers

Contents of the Training Include:

-Root Cause – Understanding the Different Role Between Quality & Safety

-The Difference between Quality & Safety Auditing what it means to the Business Area

-Nominated Person Responsibilities and Relationships

-Audit Considerations – What happens when you are audited?

-What Takes Place during a Quality Review?

-Practical understanding of the role of Root Cause

-Identification of Root Cause

-Managing Root Cause Processes including Analysis

-Additional Practical Techniques for Determining Root Cause

-Developing Preventative Strategies and the role of Performance Auditing

-Performing and Managing Investigations

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