SofemaOnline Breaks the 100 Online Course Barrier

dreamstimeextralarge 59417276July 2018, SofemaOnline (SOL) is pleased to announce we are currently offering more than 100 EASA Regulatory Compliant Online Training Courses.

Join the more than 2000 people who are currently online and will shortly join with the 1500 delegates who have already downloaded their certificates in 2018.

Why SofemaOnline?

With four decades of commercial aviation experience behind our instructors, we really do have a practical understanding of the difficulties which are faced by our customer organisations, together with the knowledge and insight to help you turn challenges into opportunities. 

We ask our delegates what they like about SofemaOnline and often they point out the strong administrative support provided by the SOL Team.

They also tell us that they like the fact that our voice over adds to the overall presentation is not simply a slide ready story like many other online training providers.

The Sofema Difference is Real!

We are so confident that we really stand out above the crowd that we offer free access to Quality Managers for audit purposes.

The SOL Team is ready to help you now please email  

The SofemaOnline difference is real and if you have not already done so, please try SofemaOnline now! - How to register

Is Online Better?

Well do not just ask us – Try asking the US Department of Education who found that between just classroom and online training.

"Solely learning online was proven slightly more effective than Solely learning in a classroom. In other words, if you only choose one delivery method students would learn more through just online training."

See The Study Details here.

Interesting Note - The study itself was actually a study of studies. The U.S. Department of Education studied the results of 99 studies on the matter between 1996 and 2008.

What are the benefits of using SofemaOnline For EASA and FAA Compliant Regulatory Training

Our mission is for you to enjoy an easy online learning experience with SofemaOnline accompanied by our YouTube Channel.

Did you know we have our own YouTube channel? – Many of our videos have been viewed several 1000’s of times: SAS E-Aviation

The blend of online training plus videos through our YouTube channel provides the best possible learning experience.

What Features does SofemaOnline offer?

·       EASA Compliant Online and Vocational Training Courses;

·       Easy to use and navigate website - browse our course catalogue now and see for yourself!

·       Faster and effective delivery, configured for multi platforms from your PC to your smartphone;

·       Any time any place anywhere - Study in the comfort of your own home;

·       Whenever you are ready complete module examinations and print your certificates on completion – your have 4 months of access time, more than enough to complete the course;

·       Cost effective professional service, please compare our online price with our competitors classroom training which in some cases provides for a real and genuine discount of more than 90%;

·       Support is provided for student questions either online or through our LinkedIn User Group SofemaOnline User Forum.

Do not hesitate to contact us at