What Do 3000 Aviation Professionals Have in Common?

default entry Row of business people making notes at seminar with focus on smiling young manCommented Steve Bentley: “For our team to reach 3000 concurrent users is a major milestone and I am very proud of the achievements of the entire team. To ensure we can continue to serve all our customers in the best possible way we have just extended our license to allow us to serve 5000 persons.

Note on Current Developments – Our current focus is on developing dedicated online training courses for private delivery within an organisation, in this way the content may be suitably adjusted to meet the specific needs of the organisation.

Please continue to let us know what you think about our service and how we can improve to better meet your expectations.”

You can write to Steve through online@sassofia.com

How does the Online Learning Program support so many users – why does it not slow down?

Essentially it is about Bandwidth and just as Facebook can support many millions of users we too can assure our clients of the best possible service, having located our Servers in Germany to benefit from the most reliable “uptime” possible.

▪ Build competence in your chosen area
▪ Ideal Preparation for a Career advancement
▪ Print multiple course completion certificates online
▪ Receive Your Hard Copy Diploma worldwide on completion 

Why is Listening is so Important!

It’s an old adage but it is true that “No Customers” = “No business” ! We listen very carefully to what you, our customers say, as it helps us to improve your learning experience. Come and see what people say about SofemaOnline. 

May I suggest changes to the SOL courses?

Absolutely! We are very happy when our delegates suggest improvements or changes and if we can embrace the suggestion we usually act quickly and in a proactive way. 

It is our objective to continually improve our product and to do so we need your help and support. 

What is the SofemaOnline Learning Diploma?

Working to support the competence and learning development of key employees and future managers and leaders.

SofemaOnline offers a program of learning which on completion will entitle the holder to obtain a SofemaOnline Learning Diploma.

The Sofema Online Learning Diploma is available in the following core aviation business areas:

▪ EASA Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation
▪ EASA Aircraft Maintenance Organisation
▪ EASA Quality & Safety
▪ EASA Flight & Ground Operations

For additional details please see www.sofemaonline.com or email online@sassofia.com