EASA Part CAMO Safety & Human Factor Training Course

Confirmed 50 1Announcing the Availability of SMS & HF Combined Training Compliant with GM2 CAMO.A.305(g).

Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to announce the availability of Safety Management System Combined with Human Factors training specifically developed to meet the needs of EASA Part CAMO Compliant Organisations.

Training Availability

Sofema Aviation Services offers EASA Part CAMO Safety & Human Factor Training as a 2 Day course within the Classroom Environment or available as a Webinar.

Online Training Availability for SMS & HF Combined Part CAMO Training.

In addition, Sofema Online will be offering as an online course after Mid June 2020.


Effective 24 March 2020 EASA has with the introduction of Part CAMO has created a requirement for Initial and Recurrent - Integrated Safety & Human Factors Training.

By September 2021 all European CAMO Organisations should transition to Part CAMO and will need to demonstrate mandatory compliance with Safety & Human Factor Training In Accordance with GM2 CAMO.A.305(g)

This Course satisfied the initial training obligations related to Safety Management Systems within a CAMO environment with due consideration to Human Factors.

With SMS we have a set of regulations, which allow Industry to establish best-practice that fits different cultures and place the main emphasis and duty on improving safety performance.

The training will introduce the delegates to all elements of Aviation Safety Systems & Human Factors with the intention of providing a better understanding of the subject and to find workable methods to improve standards and compliance.

Its objectives are to consider and understand the implications of error, the organization’s safety culture, its procedures and safety policy, and methods of communication.

What is the Benefit of this Training - What will I learn?

○ Be able to demonstrate compliance with EASA GM2 CAMO.A.305(g) and SMS & Human Factor Training Requirements
○ Achieve an in-depth understanding regarding basic Aviation Safety Concepts
○ Be able to consider Human Factors knowledge and integrate into key areas of aviation Safety Maintenance
○ Familiarise with key human performance issues relevant to Maintenance Operations
○ Achieve a strong Understanding of Safety & Human Factor Principles
○ Be able to consider human performance limitations as well as the potential impact on the daily routine

Target Groups

Accountable Executive, Post-holders, Continuing Airworthiness Managers, Planning Staff, Technical Records, Reliability, Engineering, Quality Assurance Staff, The Course will also be of interest to various stakeholders included Airworthiness Authorities

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