Greeting the first delegates who claimed the Leadership Training Diploma with Early Bird offer

LEADERSHIP 1srThe Leadership Training Diploma has just gone live on & we at Sofema are saying a warm welcome to our first students from Aero Inspection International

We are immensely proud of the early on the success of our newest Online Diploma Program which develops the Leadership & Management skills of aviation professionals.

The first delegates to polish their competence and share their experience come from Aero Inspection International, an EASA / FAA Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation & EASA Part 21 Approved design organisation.


What’s more – One of them, the Operation Manager (APAC) – Firdaus Adris, has already completed the online training and obtained his certificate. He shared his impression of the program and his willingness to continue to expand his knowledge with SofemaOnline:

“Overall experience was great. I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow. I will say I learned quite a lot in this course.”

“It gives a better understanding of how to differentiate between a leader and a manager. I would say well the whole platform was very well organized, good, clean/ and detail exposure.”

“I would love to sit for the next diploma in CAMO. I have entered the competition for the free Diploma and hoping I can win it. If not, my next preferred course will be the “Aircraft Lease Management & Technical Records Consolidated Package.”

About the Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma

Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice, and experience over time. Leadership learning is a lifetime activity. The scope of its usability is the reason SofemaOnline created a 12-course program (each course is certificated) which is visible on this page

After the completion of all 12 courses, the student is awarded a hard copy diploma.

Join Firdaus Adris and his colleague until the end of September 2020 and enrol with the Early Bird offer = 250 Euro (instead of 325 Euro)

Enrol by following this link or by email to

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