EASA Compliant CAMO Initial Package of Online Regulatory Training Courses

0123Initial Training meeting the requirements of Part CAMO Organisation Regulatory Obligation:
Special Initial Package for CAMO Mandatory Training Courses

Complies with the objectives of EASA Part CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Approval).

The package consists of the following EASA Part M 2020 & Part CAMO Compliant online Courses with VoiceOver (VO):

·         Safety & Human Factor Training,

·         Fuel Tank Safety &

·         EWIS Regulatory Training.


EASA requires the organisation to demonstrate that they have established and are able to control the competence of personnel involved in any maintenance, management and/or quality audits in accordance with a procedure and to a standard agreed by the competent authority.

In addition, it is also necessary to assess the expertise related to the job function, competence must include an understanding of the application of human factors and human performance issues appropriate to that person's function in the organisation.

This should include also:

  • Safety & Human Factor Training In Accordance with GM2 CAMO.A.305(g).
  • Fuel Tank Safety training Appendix XII to AMC M.A.706(f) and AMC1 M.B.102(c)
  • EWIS training (AMC 20-22)

SofemaOnline Package details

The regular price of the courses when undertaken individually = 317 EUR

Special Price for the Special Initial Package for CAMO Mandatory Training Courses = 195 EUR

About SofemaOnline

No other training organisation offers the depth and breadth of CAMO related Courses offered through SofemaOnline.com

With more than 45 Years of experience behind us, we know the importance of managing competence and we share passionately our view that compliance with EASA regulations should be considered as minimum compliance.

Any organisation considering optimising its processes should as a matter of best practice consider at the same time the process for managing and developing competence throughout the business.

Our training courses (currently more than 200 available online) are focused on practical engagement and relevancy to the subject matter.

SofemaOnline takes a great deal of pride in being able to support the delivery of related competence building & vocational related to both the regulatory environment and functionality within the business.

Next Steps

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Organisations looking for specific competence related support are encouraged to contact office@sassofia.com to see how we can help you to assess your competence in a meaningful way and to develop cost effective in-company training programs which can be optimised specifically for your organisation.