Congratulations to the winners of the Diploma Competition by SOL Find out who they are!

diploma winners septSofemaOnline (SOL) is delighted to announce that we have chosen the winners of the Diploma Competition and their names are:

Dawid J Roux

Nelli Khachatryan

The Competition for the free Diploma lasted during the month of September and received a huge amount of applications. After the SOL Team carefully reviewed all of the applicants’ submissions, the 2 winners were selected to receive the sponsorship for the diploma of their choice which was the Quality & Safety in an EASA Environment Learning Path Diploma for both of them. The Program will provide them with the opportunity to upskill their knowledge and competence in their chosen area of interest.

Here is what the delegates shared with SOL after receiving the award:

Dawid J Roux, Quality Assurance Manager from South Africa:

“By being selected as a winner is definitely a life-changing opportunity in my career. I am now looking forward to starting the course as soon as possible since I do not have many contracts in place due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions. My whole family is ecstatic about me being selected as a winner allowing me to do something I can’t afford and really wanted to do. I will forever be thankful to the Sofema Group of Companies for this opportunity and in particular to Mr Steven Bentley the CEO and yourself as well as the selection panel.”

Nelli Khachatryan, a teacher from Armenia:

“Your letter made me very happy especially these days when our country is at war and the situation is very serious and dangerous. But we strongly believe that everything will be fine… Thank you for choosing me as one of the winners. Once I chose you and to my joy, that choice is becoming a key to my success. THANK YOU!!!”

What is the Quality & Safety in an EASA Environment Learning Path Diploma about?

The Quality & Safety Diploma is designed to appeal to the needs of aviation professionals who want to make a career move into the EASA Quality and Safety and Security (Audit/ Oversight) Environment. It consists of the following specially selected online courses:

1. Part 145 Essentials with VO
2. Part M Essentials for Large Aircraft with VO
3. (EC) Regulation 965/12 Training Essentials with VO
4. Safety Management Systems Implementation Review
5. Safety Management Systems Risk Monitoring and Safety Performance Overview and Recurrent
6. Aviation Quality & Compliance Auditing in an EASA Environment with VO
7. Aviation Quality Auditing & Root Cause Analysis for Nominated Persons and Business Area Managers
8. Aviation Security Introduction for Non-Security Aviation Staff

The regular price of the courses, when undertaken individually, is 699.50 EUR.

Special Price for the courses when undertaken in the Quality & Safety Diploma – 412 EUR (with an option of 3 monthly payments of 157 EUR).

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