10 reasons why you should be a member of the Sofema Online Aviation Network today

soan 10 reasonsFollowing the continuous success of our Partner Program for Corporate clients,

this year SofemaOnline (SOL) has introduced a way to reward their individual students

by creating the Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN) – Now rebranded as SOL Plus – a loyalty program that is open to every SOL user

who has registered for online training in their own name.

Have you completed training on SofemaOnline.com?

If the answer is yes, see the various ways in which SOAN can enrich your learning journey listed below 

1.Support and Guidance for Career Path Development

2.Minimum Discount 20% from the standard price of any Individual Training

3.Discount 10% from the standard price of any Available Packages

4.Discount 10% from the standard price of any Diploma Program

5.Take 2 Individual Courses together and receive an additional 5% making a total of 25% discount

6.Enrol in 1 Free Course of your choice every year after the first year of membership

7.SOAN Offers will frequently be available which will only apply to members of the network

8.SOAN members will be receiving a monthly letter providing advance notice of special offers

9.Quote the membership number to receive preferential treatment as well as regulatory support & consultation often without cost!

10.Provide guidance regarding training courses you would like to see available online and we will prioritise your request once the course meets the basic criteria for inclusion online

Have you not yet joined the program? Follow these 3 easy steps to register:

1. Email SofemaOnline at team@sassofia.com with a request for enrolment in Sofema Online Aviation Network

2. You will then be provided with your SOAN registration number

3. When you contact SofemaOnline to book a training simply provide your SOAN number and the SOL team will automatically apply your discount

Note: Membership is not transferable and other persons cannot benefit directly from your membership.

You can check out all the training solutions provided by SofemaOnline by visiting the company’s course portfolio here.