Sofema Privileged Training Partner (PTP): World Renowned Aviation Regulatory Training Client Discount & Benefits Program

PTP is our everyday Discount & Benefits Program and not an exclusive offer!

ptp discount program updatedImmediate Benefits available for all PTP Clients, with Corporate and Individual Discounts on more than 550 Classroom, Webinar and 200 Online Training Courses 

*We are currently opening the PTP offer to additional organisations and companies.

*If your organisation is progressive and you believe in the benefit of continuous training then you can benefit from great savings with several hundred Regulatory and Vocational training courses at your disposal.

The Program combines all the offers of Classroom & Online and when you become a PTP client you may choose the best discount option to meet your requirements.

By careful planning of your regulatory training program, you will be able to take the maximum advantage of this discount program and to make significant savings throughout the year.

SOL – Corporate – Privileged Training Partner Program – Individuals Benefit Too!

- Only available to Organisations – however once enrolled all your employees can benefit from the available discount for personnel expenditure
- So do encourage your employer to become a SAS/SOL PTP partner now!

So What Discounts are on Offer?

Our philosophy is to provide genuine and transparent discounts so our clients can benefit directly from increased engagement.

The discount schemes you can benefit from are: Sofema Online Corporate (SOL Corporate) Sofema Aviation Services Corporate (SAS Corporate) – Privileged Training Partner, Multi Delegates Discount Program and the Early Bird Program listed below:

How Can I become a SAS/SOL PTP Partner?

We focus on building a PTP relationship with clients who will directly benefit from our support and the opportunity to achieve significant savings.

You may request admission to the program at any time and this will be considered on its merit

We also approach customers where we feel program membership will bring additional client benefits (usually after the successful delivery of an “In company” training.)

If you would like to receive a copy of the Privileged Training Partner Agreement (PTP) please email

PTP Partners receive the following Benefits with SofemaOnline

1. A standard 20% discount for SofemaOnline courses on our online training platform will be provided as a part of this PTP agreement.
2. Note this discount is applicable for up to 10 persons. If the client has more than 10 Persons the official Sofema Online discounts will be applicable.
3. A dedicated Account Manager will be provided to provide you with direct contact to answer your questions, provide support and guidance and help you to choose the best options for your organisations needs.
4. PTP Partners can request accelerated loading of a training subject. (When not currently available – 10 Delegates required)
5. When using corporate enrolment for EASA 145 Recurrent Training we support you with reminders of mandatory courses of the staff (HF, EWIS and FTS). Only when a mass purchase is done.
6. 10 pct discount on all Diplomas and packages available on SofemaOnline.

PTP Partners receive the following Benefits with Sofema Aviation Services

1. You will receive a 20% discount for the first person attending our open training courses.
2. For the second person (to 4th Person – including the first) all will receive a 30% discount.
3. For enrolments of 5 or more persons you receive an additional 10% total 40% discount for all Open Training Delegates)
4. You will receive a 20% discount from the total cost of “In-Company Training”. * (Please note variation to PTP in respect of withholding tax)
5. You will receive 15 % for each delegate attending an Open Webinar Training.
6. You will receive 10% for 1 in a company webinar course, 15% for 2, and 20% for 3 or more consecutive webinar courses.

* For clients from countries with a tax withholding policy up to 10%, the following will be applicable:

1. 10% less discount than the agreed in point 1 to 6.
2. The client may deduct 10% Tax
3. If the client provides us with a Certificate of Tax Withholding SAS will provide the following options:

a) Provide a refund of 10% from the received amount.
b) Provide an equivalent discount of 10 pct from the received payment as credit for a future training course.

Additional Benefits from the SAS Privileged Training Partner Program

1) For “In-Company Training” the client can increase the number of delegates from 12 to 15 without additional charges.

2) For “In-Company Training” delegates above 15 the admin fee per delegate is decreased to 20 USD per Course Day (minimum 40 USD).

3) For Open Training Sessions if the client enrols 5 or more delegates per training an additional discount of 10% will be provided.

4) A standard discount of 10% will be provided for the SAS Aviation Consulting Services.

For additional details please email