SMS - Practical Investigation Skills For Part CAMO Safety & Quality Practitioners Initial Training Equivalent to 2 Days

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·    Sofema Online (SOL) provided an online training course

·    Training for CAMO Safety Specialists to support the development of Investigation Skills

·    Meets the objective of AMC1 CAMO.A.202 Internal safety reporting scheme ED Decision 2020/002/R - initial training for staff involved in internal investigations

·    Developing Safety Investigation Competency


In line with its just culture policy, the organisation should:

·  Define how to investigate incidents such as errors or near misses,

·  In order to understand not only what happened, but also how it happened,

·  To prevent or reduce the probability and/or consequence of future recurrences (refer to AMC1 CAMO.A.202).

Note - The scope of internal investigations should extend beyond the scope of the occurrences required to be reported to the competent authority in accordance with point CAMO.A.160, to include the reports referred to in CAMO.A.202(b).

Course Purpose

This course is aimed at

·  Investigating
·  Analysing
·  Understanding and
·  Developing mitigations

For safety-related occurrences which are faced on a regular basis within our organisation. Such incidents do not necessarily lead directly to significant negative outcomes, however, may become a precursor or element of a future event.

We have an opportunity to subject such safety occurrences to correct and proper investigation and analysis, in this way they may have a significant and beneficial effect on the organisations ability to improve its safety performance.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) To be able to explain the key elements required to ensure the organisation is able to effectively analyse events to determine the most appropriate and effective outcome

b) To be able to explain the requirements of an effective investigation process and to manage information in a confidential and effective way

c) To consider in-depth SMS & CM processes and to be able to interpret the information which is available to support the interpretation of the various factors

d) Ability to focus on effective identification of root cause analysis and promotion of positive action

e) To be able to place a clear priority on best practice management within a strong Safety System

f) Understand techniques to focus on the organisational issues and to develop the audit including the relationship within the workplace and responsibility to address issues

h) Ability to identify the root cause of the faults and failures

i) Ability to apply the corrective actions for preventing the recurrence of the causes leading to failures

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed

– Developing an Acceptable Level of Safety Performance – Defining Minimum Safety Objectives

– Investigation and Analysis Considering Risk and Exposure – When to Perform Investigations

– How to Implement, Develop and Optimise our Internal Reporting Mechanisms

– How to Maximise the Effect of Confidential Reporting – How Beneficial is Confidential Reporting?

– Considering Investigator Competence

– What level of Investigation is Appropriate – Measuring Exposure and Return on Investment?

– Considering the Information Available to the SMS

– Discussion Regarding The Aims and Benefits of Information Collection

– How to Effectively Manage Information – How to Filter & Process?

– Validity of Information – How long is Information Effective

– Preparation before the Interview

– Interview Techniques for Best Results

– Knowledge test – Qualifying the Witness

– Witness Testimony

– Feedback and Communication – Verification for Positive Outcomes

– Identification of Root Cause

– Managing Root Cause Processes including Analysis

– Consider the “Why” together with the organisational factors involved

– How to develop a HF understanding within the environment of our investigation and to understand where the exposures exist

– Consider Mitigations which may remove the Exposures introduced by HF / CRM Considerations

– Delivering Safety Improvements through Cultural Change

– Developing Mitigations and Safety Improvements

– The Responsibility of the Business Area Owner to Consider Mitigation Proposals and to take the Appropriate Actions

Next Steps

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