Gain Unlimited Access to EASA Compliant Regulatory Training Courses

19208A New Way to Access EASA Compliant Online Regulatory & Vocational Training Courses!

Sofema Online (SOL) is pleased to present the Freedom Pass

• One Fixed Price 1275 Euro Secures Your Access for 1 Full year

• 12 Months Access to over 220 Regulatory Compliant & Vocational Training Courses

• Achieve Multiple Sofema Diplomas

• Outstanding Value - Access to a huge portfolio of Training courses with a value of several 000’ Euro

Freedom Pass by Sofema Online is a newly launched opportunity for serious aviation professionals to jump-start your career with an intensive certificated learning program across multiple business areas.

"I have never used Sofema Online before and I am concerned about investing the full sum until I have more confidence!"

We understand your concern - it’s a significant amount of money - Effective from 1st July all clients will be offered the chance to receive a Discounted Price based on their last enrolment after July 1st, 2021.

This allows you to pay & try any course without needing to pay the full price for the Freedom Pass when you are ready to enroll for the Freedom Pass.

About Sofema Online (

Over 17 500 enrolments since Jan 2020

Why Freedom Pass?

• To provide an opportunity for our clients to engage with a large number of courses with the knowledge that their cost is understood taken care of.

 ° For Example you may wish to cover the whole CAMO & AMO Areas - or even complete Several Diplomas!

* Hard Copy Diplomas will be issued in accordance with our Standard terms.

Freedom Pass by Sofema Online is outstanding value for Money

• Please consider the cost of 1 year's access to Freedom Pass is actually less than attending a Single 2-day course with several of our competitors!

• Build Competence with Freedom Pass!

• Your opportunity to prepare for Career Advancement

• Acquire Aviation Regulatory & Vocational Knowledge across a Broad Area

• Choose the Courses you always wished to complete (Why not add the leadership Diploma to your package?)

Freedom Pass Validity

• Each Freedom Pass is available to the registered User only for a period of 12 months from the issue

• Your Freedom Pass is personal to you and cannot be transferred to another person.

• Special Note - up to an additional 6 months is available to complete the final course in which you are enrolled.

Conditions for using the Freedom Pass

• Only 1 Course to be opened at 1 time. Once completed you can request the next course.

• You must Pass the Course to move on (Note our current failure rate is less than 0.05%)

• 3 attempts for Each Exam

• Standard Rates Apply for Re-sits

• Strict User Policy Enforced the Freedom Pass is not transferable

• Full Payment Due on Enrollment (Part Payments not possible)

Special Notes

• Freedom Pass was launched on 1st July 2021.

• SOL Freedom Pass does not attract additional single courses or Package Discounts.

• Freedom Pass is not a package it is total access to all courses so there is currently no relevance for any previously offered discounts.

Next Steps

• We look forward to welcoming you to the program and wish you a great learning opportunity and experience!

• Please email [email protected] to address any questions or to request your enrollment in the program.

Once enrolled you will use our special email to manage your learning path [email protected].