So You have completed an Online Training with SofemaOnline

So You have completed an Online Training with Sofema OnlineWhat’s Next? - To Join the Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN) - Now rebranded as SOL Plus


Well See for yourself here

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing, the purpose of SOAN is to bring together aviation professionals, to provide discounted access to online training courses as well as a resource for continuous learning. The only pre-requisite is to have registered for at least 1 Sofema Online course before becoming a member of SOAN.

I have heard that you provide free courses, is this correct?

Yes - After 1 year of membership every SOAN member is entitled to 1 free course of their choice - Read more

How to Proceed

1. Simply email Sofema Online at with a request for enrolment in Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN).
2. You will then be provided with your SOAN registration number.
3. When you contact Sofema Online to book a training simply provide your SOAN number to receive your discount.

Note: Membership is not transferable and other persons cannot benefit directly from your membership

********Latest News********

SOAN Members receive a special 20% discount from the cost of Freedom Pass - Enjoy full access to over 220 online courses for 1 year at one fixed price of    1020 EUR (1275 EUR)

Complete as many Courses, Packages, or Diplomas as you like - See here for details or email