Sofema Online (SOL) Launches Corporate Freedom Pass

Sofema Online SOL Launches Corporate Freedom PassCorporate Freedom Pass: Regulatory Training Available for Corporate Clients at Under 5 Euro/Day
Not possible? - Yes, it is & we are doing it!- with over 220 regulatory compliant and vocational courses (and growing) to choose from.

We are pleased to introduce not a special offer but a new way of delivering regulatory compliant and vocational training to our corporate clients.

Please consider How Many Courses You Enroll your team in?

What is the Driver?
  » Cost Considerations?
  » Regulatory Compliance?

How would your training program look if each training day was costed below 5 Euro/Day of Online Access?

Regulatory Compliant & Vocational Training is a key driver for growing organizational competence - removing cost as a major consideration allows our clients to focus on the key learning experience.

What is the offer?

Having built a portfolio of over 220 online training courses we can now offer the entire program with unbeatable value CFP 10. (up to 150 employees is cheaper than sending a single employee for a 2-day course with our key competitors!)

  » CFP 10 with the availability of nominally 2400 Training Days (typically up to 150 Employees)
  » CFP 25 with the availability of nominally 6000 Training Days (typically up to 500 Employees)

See a Sample of Courses Specifically Relevant for Part 145 Organizations (Note: any SOL course can be undertaken as part of the program):
Part 145 Production Planning Essentials
Part 145 Essentials with VO
Logistics - Stores and Incoming Inspection
Aircraft Inspection Techniques (Initial) with VO
Managing Organizational Competence in a 145 Environment
Part 145 Foundation with VO
EASA Part 145 Logistics Foundation
EASA Part 145 Production Planning Foundation
EASA Part 145 / Part 147 Supervisor & Assessor Training Skills Development
145 Organisation Fire Safety Training
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (HF) - Initial with VO
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (HF) - Recurrent with VO
EASA Continuing Airworthiness Instructor - Train the Trainer
Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development - Public Speaking
EASA Part 66 Module 9 Human Factors for Foreign Part 145 Aircraft and Components / Eng Staff
EASA Part 66 Module 10 Aviation Legislation for Foreign Part 145 Aircraft and Components / Eng Staff
Introducing Aviation Health & Safety
Safety Management Systems Implementation Review
Safety Management Systems Risk Monitoring and Safety Performance Overview and Recurrent
Aviation Quality & Compliance Auditing in an EASA Environment with VO
Aviation Quality Auditing & Root Cause Analysis for Nominated Persons and Business Area Managers
Logistics & Stores Inspection Part 1 Introduction to an EASA Compliant Storage System
Logistics & Stores Inspection Part 2 Stores Facility Management Guidance and Inspection
Logistics & Stores Inspection Part 3 EASA Stores Technical Procedures & Additional Training
Dangerous Goods Cat 8 (Operator & GH Agent storage - Carry - yes)
Maintenance Error Management System & MEDA Training Program
EWIS Initial with V/O
EWIS Recurrent with V/O
FTS Initial with V/O
FTS Recurrent with V/O
Aircraft Technical Records
Logistics - Stores and Incoming Inspection
Aircraft Inspection Techniques (Recurrent) with VO
EASA CAT A Critical Task Independent Inspection (Recurrent)
Aircraft Fuel Tank Entry Safety Procedures

Next Steps:

Please email and request information related to the Corporate Freedom Pass.
There has never been a better time to grow your 145 Training Program and build organizational competence!