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Aviation Regulatory and Vocational Training is Part of Lifelong Learning

With Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com you are able to gain access to over 250 EASA and other Aviation Authority Regulatory Complaint & Vocational Training Courses, plus receive an annual free course. (1-day equivalent course without charge)

Introducing Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN) - Now rebranded as SOL Plus

What is Sofema Online Aviation Network?

It is free to join a membership group that provides discounted access to Sofema Online Courses as well as an annual free course to which you become eligible following your first-year membership of SOAN.

Are you a member of Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN)?

Currently accepting requests for an invitation.

Until the end of January 2022, Sofema Online is pleased to welcome new members to Sofema Online Aviation Network

****Receive 1 Free Course following each year of membership!****

What are the Full Benefits of membership to the Sofema Online Aviation Network?

» An SOL Members Group for individuals and private persons which recognizes customer loyalty to Sofema Online (www.sofemaonline.com) and provides a number of benefits
» Support and Guidance for Career Path Development
» Additional Discount 20% from the standard price of any Individual Training*
» Additional Discount 10% from the standard price of any Available Packages*
» Additional Discount 10% from the standard price of any Diploma Program*Take 2 Individual Courses together and receive an additional 5% making a total of 25% discount*
» Discount 20% from the standard price of Freedom Pass = 1020 EUR (instead of 1275 EUR)

Special Note - Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN) Offers will frequently be available which will only apply to members of Sofema Online Aviation Network.

*Note - Based on SOL Normal Package and Diploma Prices - Not Applicable to Special Offers which have already benefited from Additional Discounts.

SOAN Introduction

For many years Sofema Aviation Services (www.sassofia.com) has rewarded Corporate Customers through our Preferred Training Partner Program. The program has developed very strongly, and now is the time to provide tangible rewards and benefits to our 1000’s of Sofema Online Personal Clients.

How do I become a member of Sofema Online Aviation Network?

Enrolment is available: Following the completion of any single training course in your own name. (either Company Sponsorship or Personal is acceptable)


» Simply email Sofema Online with a request for enrolment in Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN)
» You will then be provided with your SOAN registration number
» When you contact Sofema Online to book a training simply provide your SOAN number and we will apply automatically your discount
» Membership is not transferable and other persons cannot benefit directly from your membership

Next Steps

Take Advantage of our Special offer

Request membership of SOAN and begin lifelong learning with Sofema Online

Email team@sassofia.com & Request your January Special SOAN Membership.