What is Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass?

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Meeting the Regulatory & Vocational Training Challenge - Steve Bentley, CEO of Sofema, Answers the Questions.

What is Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass?

It is a process whereby our clients can enable the access of over 250 Regulatory Compliant & Vocational courses to every one of their employees at an unbeatable cost.

See here the available courses which will be available to your team with CFP.

How Does Corporate Freedom Pass Work?

» You are able to nominate an individual or group of staff to attend a training and when complete to nominate the next person or group and continue in this way throughout the year of membership.
» SofemaOnline training opportunity is open to every employee within your organisation.
» With more than 250 Courses available you can manage your training program with support from Sofema for maximum utilization and cost-saving for your organisation.

Why Corporate Freedom Pass?

Simply put it is all about access – access to information presented in an easy-to-digest form at a price that is super competitive.

We have been delivering regulatory training now since 2008 and have issued over 50,000 certificates for course completion.

» With the current level of engagement, we were able to take a long hard look at what we offer and what our clients are looking for.
» By building on our economy of scale and understanding how we can package our product in the most client-friendly way we have enabled the cost of 1 day of regulatory-compliant training to be made available online at around 5 Euro / Training Day.
» This is an unrivalled price and is 100 times cheaper than the daily classroom price of our competitors.

What is the Principle of CFP?

Our client’s contract for a 6 monthly or 12 monthly subscription which enables 5, 10, or 25 concurrent enrollments to the SofemaOnline (www.sofemaonline.com) platform.

Once the assigned delegate has completed the training or program of training the “slot” can be allocated to another employee.

Because it is a subscription-based service cost as a training consideration is not removed and the focus instead moves to competency. (Instead of enrolling a single person on a competitor’s course for essentially the same price you can enrol 100 persons).

Building Competency through both Regulatory Compliant and Vocational Short Courses is now within the reach of every one of your employees.

Corporate Freedom Pass Optimum Management

To enable the most efficient delivery of the program including the administrative management and enrollment process please take note of the following:

» We want you to benefit from the maximum use of the CFP so we ask you to nominate your Program Manager who will both manage your Training Program and communicate enrollments with the Sofema Online Admin Team.
» Once each day enrollments will be made as per your instructions – for maxim benefit to advise enrollments for the following day in advance so that may be expedited by our admin team.
» We encourage our clients to manage the available concurrent training slots in an efficient and effective way so that they will receive the maximum benefit.
» We recognize that changes will occur during the day so any updates you provide will be added to previously requested and actioned during the daily update.

With CFP you have a nominal availability of training days – CFP 5 - 1200/CFP 10 - 2400/CFP 25 - 6000 – however to note the nominal training days indicated does not include the weekends, which are available if you choose to use them.

Note - To encourage full use of the system our admin support team is available to support weekend daily enrollments.

Next Steps – Please email [email protected] and we will be pleased to discuss your particular requirements and how CFP can be your way forward to optimize your organizational regulatory and vocational short course training program.