10,000 is Not Enough! SofemaOnline Introduces Unlimited Training Slots

10000 is Not Enough SOL Introduces Unlimited Training SlotsSofemaOnline (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com uses Joomla Learning Management System as the cornerstone of our online training see here for details: www.joomlms.com

Our current license allows us to have 10,000 concurrent users on our platform, however, it has become clear to us following 17,000 enrollments in 2021 that this is not sufficient to allow us to manage our system in the best way for our clients.

Unlimited is Better!

We are therefore pleased to announce that we have extended our license and beginning 1 March 2022 we will have an unlimited license which means we can continue to enrol our clients without any restrictions for the training slots.

What does this mean for Sofema Online Clients?

We are pleased to advise that with our new user license we are able to have extended the validity of enrollments made after 1 March 2022 as follows:

» You are enrolled in a single course – From 1 March 2022 you have 9 months to complete your course
» You are enrolled in a package – From 1 March 2022 you have 12 months to complete your package
» You are enrolled in a Diploma Package – From 1 March 2022 you have 15 months to complete your Diploma Package

What Does this mean for Freedom Pass & Corporate Freedom Pass?

Freedom Pass provides for 12 months of unlimited access – this access remains the same. Find details here
Corporate Freedom Pass provides for either 6 months or 12 months access which remains the same. See more here

Comment from Steve Bentley, CEO of Sofema: We are very pleased with any positive change which improves our client experience. With more than 250 Courses, Packages & Diplomas available, Sofema Online offers an unrivalled online regulatory & vocational training experience. If you are a new customer, we look forward to welcoming you to our platform. Please tell us if you are enrolling for the first time and we will be pleased to provide you with a special thank you. Email [email protected] and advise “New customer” in the subject line. Please continue to share how we can improve our product and service to our clients.

About Sofema Online

Please see our A to Z training Portfolio here

Online training is an extremely cost-effective method for delivering niche regulatory courses, typical of the training which are offered by our sister site Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com

A fundamental requirement for online training is to ensure that it provides the essential content which is focused on a deep understanding of the subject matter. At www.sofemaonline.com we ensure that we provide high-level regulatory training to all delegates that want to polish their aviation knowledge.

There is a practical knowledgeable tutor behind each training.

Major benefits of Sofema Online include convenience and flexibility, availability ease of use through any internet-connected computer, and the ability of the student to learn at their own pace without any limitations.

Program Features Include:

» An opportunity for you or your employees to build competence in the workplace
» Be able to satisfy all your regulatory recurrent obligations
» Sofema Online Training Courses have been developed by Industry Professionals with more than 40 years of Commercial Aviation experience across a range of disciplines
» Sofema Online Courses are Engaging & Interactive
» All delegates shall receive Sofema Online/AETS-Sofema Certificate on completion of the Course Examination
» Configured for Tablet/Mobile Device

Next Steps

Please visit www.sofemaonline.com or email [email protected]