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10 20 30 Freedom Pass SOL 590Sofema Online (SOL) announces a New Training Opportunity to its New Customers:

10% > 20% > 30% > Freedom Pass

If you are new to, you can take advantage of registering for your 1st course with a 10% discount, your 2nd with a 20% discount, your 3rd with a 30% discount within 1 month. Once you have purchased all 3 courses, you will have the unique chance to save your expenditure when you take the Sofema Online Freedom Pass.

How to obtain your discounts?

Once you choose your training:

Which courses can you sign up for?

You can choose any single course available at covering EASA, FAA, GCAA & other regulations. The courses are specially developed to give you an understanding of a variety of aviation subjects such as Quality & Safety Management, Part 145, Part CAMO, Part M, Part 21, Part 66, Part 147, Dangerous Goods, Logistics and Stores, Leadership & Management skills, Flight & Ground Operations, Aircraft Inspection, Human Factors, etc. Browse through the SOL portfolio here

What is Sofema Online Freedom Pass?

It is an opportunity to gain 12 months of unlimited personal access to over 250 Sofema Online EASA Compliant Regulatory Training Courses (Including Individual courses, Packages, and Diploma Programs).

The Freedom Pass is:

  • » Ideal preparation for Career Advancement
  • » Gives you the opportunity to engage with a large number of courses with the knowledge that their cost is understood & taken care of
  • » Suitable for anyone wishing to accelerate their EASA regulatory and vocational learning path development
  • » Evidenced by certificates which you can print after completing the end-of-course multi-choice exams
  • » A perfect program to prepare you for a management role in your organisation
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