Seven Reasons for Choosing Sofema Online (

Seven Reasons for Choosing Sofema OnlineIntroduction

Sofema Online (SOL) is a web-based online training platform focused on delivering high-quality online regulatory and vocational courses in the field of aviation, compliant within the scope of EASA, FAA, and other regulatory environments, together with additional competence-building courses to provide for vocational training within the scope of the applicable regulatory environment.

Since the beginning of 2022, Sofema Online has enrolled over 10,000 delegates in our online EASA-compliant regulatory & vocational aviation training courses. Here we look at the top 7 reasons for delegates to enroll in Sofema Online Virtual Platform:

» is the No 1 destination for Virtual Aviation Training.

» is the No 1 destination for EASA Compliant Regulatory Training.

1/ Choice

No other online aviation training organisation provides the number of courses, packages & diplomas which are offered by Sofema Online (SOL):

» Currently over 250 Individual Courses, Packages, and Diplomas are available online with Sofema Online.

2/ Client Engagement

Sofema Online focuses on providing our clients with the product that meets clients needs and if there is no product available – we make one!

» As long as you have at least 20 Delegates we will produce an online course focused on your requirements and at our cost.

» Try before you buy ! It is important that our product meets your objectives therefore we encourage free of charge guest enrollments from quality & training managers.

3/ Discount Program - Privileged Training Program

Copied but never beaten – our discount program is amongst the best in the world, with routine discounts which can reach 40%. We know the Training budget is constrained in most organisations and we want you to get the maximum value for your expenditure.

» Sofema Privileged Training Program offers organisation & employee discounts See here for details of the program 

» Currently there are 100 PTP Partners who receive amazing discounts every time they organize regulatory training.

4/ Freedom Pass

Both our Individual & Corporate Freedom Pass offer access to unlimited online regulatory compliant & vocational training which is unrivalled due to the sheer number of training opportunities available.

» Individual Freedom Pass offers access to every course on the SOL platform for a period of 1 year – a superb way of building knowledge, and competence – even jump-starting your career

» Corporate Freedom Pass allows you to nominate any of your employees for any course for a period of 1 year – (Consider a 5 Consecutive User Pass enables over 1000 days of online training for around 6 Euro / Training Day)

» Read about Freedom Pass Here

» Thanks to the Sofema Online Technical Team our portfolio of available courses continues to grow with unique content being added continually courses such as:

o Developing an Aviation Maintenance Control Centre (MCC)

o Practical Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning

o EASA Part 145 Safety Management System Learning Path Diploma

5/ Membership in Sofema Online Plus

Sofema Online Plus is the name of a loyalty network which directly benefits our network of users.

Membership is available to individuals who become eligible for a range of benefits including:

» 20% Discount from any single Course.

» 10% Discount from any Package or Diploma.

» 20% discount from the Individual Freedom Pass.

To Learn about Sofema Online Plus please visit or email

6/ Company Admin Rights

Support your organisation by you becoming a company administrator with special access rights to Sofema Online Admin.

» As a Company Account Administrator, you will be able to have an overview of:

o Your team's training progress,

o The time spent on the course /monthly, daily, and hourly/,

o Review their scores on the final exam and print their certificates.

7/ Outstanding Value together with Extended Time in the Program

Not only is Sofema Online the go-to site for multiple regulatory training courses, but without a doubt providing the best cost-to-value available.

Due to the newly extended time in the program you now have the following time available to complete your courses:

» Single Courses are available in your profile for 9 months.

» Packages are available in your profile for 12 months.

» Your Sofema Online Learning Path Diploma is available for 15 Months.

» Your Freedom Pass is available in your profile for 12 Months.

Next Steps

Please see or email for additional details regarding our training options.