Why to Choose Sofema Online for your EASA Compliant Regulatory & Vocational Training?


Why to Choose Sofema Online 2Consider Why Sofema Online is the world’s No 1 EASA Compliant Regulatory Training Organisation in 2023.

It is a fundamental mistake to compete on price – yes?

Of course, companies who focus on simply delivering a product at the cheapest possible price enter a race to the bottom – where customer satisfaction takes a back seat to price optimization. Fortunately, we (Sofema Online) are in a different place, where economy of scale has provided us with the opportunity to genuinely provide a service which supports our aviation industry in a way that our competitors with their high-cost business models cannot match.

Size Matters!

Of course, and please consider if the organisation is structured to offer a world-beating pricing structure. In fact, through organic growth and sensible pricing, we have built up our customer base and it continues to grow year on year. So far we have enrolled over 100,000 delegates in our Training (August 2023).

So, Does Price Count?

Well if we are honest for sure it helps and if we can offer our product at 10% of the cost of our competitor’s classroom courses (Yes we mean 90% cheaper) this has to be good ……right?

Wait it does not end there – Sofema Online recognizes the value of rewarding customers with real multi user discounts – see the image example – here we are providing 28 courses for the cost of 1 single person attending 2 days of our competitor’s courses. 

Price is not the reason 2

Is there more?

You bet this is what one of our delegates said about our training

We want to share the story of Luis Rodrigues. He completed the following Diplomas:

EASA Continuing Airworthiness Instructor Learning Diploma
CAMO Learning Path Diploma
General Aviation CAMO Learning Path Diploma

See what Luis shared about his learning experience with Sofema:

“I currently work as an aircraft mechanic and freelance auditor and looking to move into a full-time safety or compliance management position in an MRO. I assisted once to Mr. Bentley in speaking at a Safety Webinar and got interested in his unusual historical knowledge of regulatory changes, rhetoric, and ethics about safety and compliance. I imagined that the Sofema training could be different from others and decided to give it a try. It went well and I am doing as much training as I can with Sofema. I have a safety and compliance training background from reputable institutions.

I was Form 4 approved by two CAA’s and even did one year and a half as safety and compliance manager of a small airline but it was so hard to troubleshoot the problems that I could badly complete satisfactory any of my core tasks. I knew something was missing in my preparation because I could not understand why things could be so messed up in people’s minds. It was an awful position to be but one with so much potential to help the company and its employees. I quit for the sake of my health. Safety and compliance regulations have evolved at a fast pace and for small airline companies 10 to 20 years old that meant a lot of changes too fast in an environment not knowledgeable about project management and management of change.

Sofema training not only puts the regulatory changes into a historical context but also discusses implementation strategies, always discussing the operator and CAA responsibilities from a project management perspective. Other training, I did in other schools where simply prescriptive with the regulations. I would do way better with Sofema training than with my expensive post-graduation. This is just my opinion. For some people, titles and networking have immense value, for some organisations too and I accept it. For me understanding the what, why and how with case studies at my pace was far more valuable because safety is something very dynamic and real that has to be well assimilated in its many faces and challenges, not just a game of compliance.

The satisfaction of what I learned with Sofema and the high expectations of what I will be able to do with it. Sofema training gives an immense value for the price, in my opinion.”

We want to thank Luis for sharing his story with us!
We are glad he is satisfied with the knowledge built up with Sofema’s help and we hope that it will continue to lead him to great success in the future!

Next Steps 

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