The SOL Learning Path Diploma strives to help our clients succeed Read the story of Reinhardt Michel!

NEW Success Stories Reinhardt Michel SOLSofema is pleased to share the Success Stories of our customers who completed a SOL Learning Path Diploma.
We are here to support our clients by providing them with the training solution that fits their needs the best. That’s why we developed our Learning Path Diploma Programs – To help you build the career path leading to your success. 
We want to share the story of Reinhardt Michel. He completed the following Diploma:
See what Reinhardt shared about Sofema:
“Go On with your excellent work and offerings. The industry and its ever-changing regulations need such sources of professional up-to-date information.”

We asked him a few questions regarding his experience with our Diploma program: 

1. How did you find out about the Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA – CAMO & AMO Environment Learning Path Diploma?

“Your organization was recommended by Mr. Andree Beiersdorfer of Abavcon GmbH. I checked your website and saw that you offer a complete package tailored exactly to my needs.”

2. What inspired you to become a Quality and Compliance Monitoring Manager?

“I am now Quality Manager and Compliance Monitoring Manager. This position and related responsibilities are very important and interesting. As someone with a commercial pilot license, I thought it complementary to understand the requirements of Part 145 and part CAMO operation.”

3. How did the Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA – CAMO & AMO Environment Learning Path Diploma help you excel in your career?

“Your courses are very professional and comprehensive. So here we have a perfect fit with a company like Aurum Air Service GmbH, the company I am working with now.”

We want to thank Reinhardt for sharing his story with us!
We are pleased to know that we helped him build the knowledge needed to develop his career path and we hope that Sofema will continue to lead him to great success in the future!

Details about the Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA – CAMO & AMO Environment Learning Path Diploma: 

Sofema Online has put together a package of online training courses designed to appeal to the needs of aviation professionals. This Diploma can help Certifying Engineer or CAMO Staff to prepare to move into the EASA Quality and Safety (Audit/Oversight) Environment. Read more

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