EASA Compliant Aircraft Lease Management Technical Training

EASA Compliant Aircraft Lease Management Technical TrainingToday almost half of the Aircraft operated commercially typically employ a type of finance lease.


To ensure that you are able to effectively engage in managing aircraft leases within your organisation it is most important to understand the basics as well as principles and opportunities of aircraft leasing.

Consider the different types of Aircraft Leases, their benefits & merit.

» Aircraft Operating leases.

» Aircraft Financial leases.

It is essential that anyone involved in the management of the Lease Program understands and is able to mitigate all areas of Risk Aircraft operating leases have their life cycle. The start, operation, and lease return are the major phases of this cycle. By understanding the key issues for each phase in the lease management cycle you can engage in the most effective way.

Whilst lease return conditions are fully documented (but sometimes not understood by people who need to know) they can cause major disputes during critical phases of the redelivery.

Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com is a renowned leader of Aviation Regulatory Compliant and Vocational Training Courses.

» Introduction to the Aircraft Leasing ECO system, understand the background and history of aircraft leasing.

» Engage in Asset protection & exposure mitigation.

» Familiarize with different types of leases and consider the process of Aircraft Lease Purchase.

» Understand the Lessor and Lessee obligations and consider the various operator exposures.

» Consider how to engage with the technical considerations related to aircraft leases.

» How to manage aircraft lease transitions?

This multiple-course training program provides a high level of Aircraft Technical Records Training for Lease Transfer Staff.

Technical Persons who are able to demonstrate competencies related to the management of aircraft compliant with the lease obligations and able to manage a lease return program are highly valued by the operator & operators CAMO

A major challenge is always going to be related to the quality and validity of the aircraft technical records. Suddenly technical records assume major importance, unfortunately, this is often too little too late. For example, any damages which are found during the transitional inspection must be reflected in the dent & buckle charts and all repairs must be fully documented and correctly certified.

Sofema Online Aircraft Technical Leasing EASA Learning Path Diploma

» Sofema Online is pleased to offer a program of 11 separate courses – each with its own certificate on completion of which you can apply for a hard copy diploma.

The Aircraft Technical Lease Diploma offered by Sofema Online is the most comprehensive set of courses currently available comprising the equivalent of 14 days of classroom training. (approximately 100 Hours of online self-paced training)

» With this intensive program, you will be able to build competence and comfortably engage in all aspects of the airline lease management

» Gain an understanding of the obligations and take the necessary steps to effectively protect the organisation during lease returns as well as new aircraft entering the fleet - Register for the Diploma until the end of September 2022 and benefit from the frozen price of 600 EUR!

During the first 6 months of 2022, approximately 12,000 people have enrolled for Sofema Online Training. Now is your opportunity to join them and gain a set of certificates together with a Diploma showing that you have completed a full program of training focused on the particular needs of the Operators & CAMO Lease management obligations.

Aircraft Technical Leasing EASA Learning Path Diploma Consists of the following courses:

» EASA Part M Maintenance Planning Essentials for Lease Companies

» Managing Aircraft Lease Agreements and Maintenance Reserves

» Aircraft Technical Records Specialist Lease Management for CAMO & TR Staff

» EASA Part 21 Review for CAMO Staff

» Logistics & Stores Inspection EASA & FAA Suspect Parts Training


» AD, SB & Repair Considerations for EASA CAMO

» FAA & EASA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) training

» Aviation Leadership - Negotiating Skills

» EASA Recurrent Updates Parts (M-CAMO-145-21)

» Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development - The Art of Strategic Persuasion

Next Steps

Please see www.sofemaonline.com or email team@sassofia.com for additional details or click here and sign up for the diploma until 30 September 2022 to benefit from its frozen price.