A New Way to Manage Your Organisations EASA Regulatory Compliant Training Program

A New Way to Manage Your Organisations EASA Regulatory Compliant Training ProgramAccess Online over 250 EASA & FAA Regulatory Compliant Training Courses
Build Organizational Competence in a Convenient and Cost-effective way with Sofema Online

  • » Sofema Online (SOL) Client Account Choose Now – Pay Later
  • » Quick Enrollment to ensure speedy allocation of courses
  • » Monthly Invoices for the convenient management of your training program
  • » Client Account is available to all Privileged Training Partners


Sofema Online (SOL) www.SofemaOnline.com is pleased to offer our PTP clients the opportunity to create a SOL Corporate User Account and to welcome the first company which will experience and benefit from our new features:

  • »  All Sofema Online partners will receive unique access to the Sofema Online E-learning platform with the opportunity to assign a Corporate User Account to a training administrator with access to all trainees’ profiles.

What are the benefits of an SOL Corporate User Account?

First but not limited to - Enrollment freedom. It means you can enroll team members whenever it is convenient and without worrying about making the payment in advance.

The other features available to Sofema Online Corporate Users include:

» SOL Corporate User Account is open to all SAS - PTP members

» All users receive a 20% discount from a single course (10% from Packages & Diplomas)

» Monthly Invoices issued with 30 Days to pay

» Free Soft copy with 7 Cumulative Enrollments for any course - New feature

» Your Company Account Manager has admin access to view the training status of your team

» A monthly status report and Invoice issued at the end of each month

Introducing our new features

The new features of the SOL Corporate User Account are specially developed to provide our PTP members with the unique opportunity to manage their team activity directly online and save time during enrolment thanks to the delayed payment.

Your Company Account Manager will be in control of all the information, monitor the training progress and status, and receive a monthly report with Invoices which can be paid in a 30-day time period.

How to become a Member of our Preferred Training Partner (PTP) Program?

Please Request a copy of the Preferred Training Partner Agreement with an email to team@sassofia.com

Note - The PTP program is open to any organization wishing to receive our support and the opportunity to achieve significant savings.

You may request admission to the program at any time and this will be considered on its merit.

Support your Staff to Build Competence Now – Email  team@sassofia.com!