Do you want a career as a Nominated Post Holder, Safety Manager, and Safety Auditor? Check out our SMS for Flight OPS Diploma

Do you want a career as a Nominated Post Holder Safety Manager and Safety Auditor Check out the SMS for Flight OPS Diploma by Sofema Online solDo you want to make the next step in your career development?

Sofema Online provides an online solution to support you to demonstrate your Safety Management System Competence:
Safety Management Systems for Flight Operations Safety Managers Diploma

Who is SMS for Flight OPS Diploma suitable for?

The Program is appropriate for Flight Operations Personnel, Crew Planning Staff, Ramp Agents, and any other Safety Professionals within the airline operations environment.

Which courses are included in the Diploma?

The Safety Management Systems for Flight Operations Safety Managers Diploma contains 9 separate online courses:

  • » (EU) Regulation 965/12 Training Essentials with VO
  • » Aviation FOD Awareness Training
  • » Fatigue Risk Management Systems Essentials
  • » SMS for Accountable Managers, Nominated Post Holders and Key Executives
  • » Aviation Security Introduction for Non-Security Aviation Staff
  • » Root Cause Analysis for Managers, Quality, and Safety (SMS) Practitioners
  • » Aviation SMS Practical Safety Auditing & Setting Performance Indicators (Recurrent)
  • » SMS Advanced Techniques for Safety Practitioners - EASA Compliant
  • » EASA 1178/2011 Part - FCL - Foundation

Each one of the courses is certificated and upon completion of all of them, you will be eligible to receive a Hard Copy Diploma.
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After successful completion of the diploma, you will have the opportunity to start a career as Nominated Post Holders, Safety Managers, and Safety Auditors.

What responsibilities will you have in the positions above?

Nominated Post Holders – Main Responsibilities:

  • » Nominating persons responsible for the management and supervision of the following areas:
    (1) flight operations
    (2) crew member training
    (3) ground operations
    (4) continuing airworthiness or for the continuing airworthiness management contract in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014, as the case may be
  • » Possessing the appropriate practical experience and licenses required for them to carry out their duties
  • » Possessing practical experience and expertise in the application of aviation safety standards and safe operating practices
  • » Possessing a comprehensive knowledge of relevant EASA regulations and the operator's operational policies and practices
  • » Possessing familiarity with Quality and Safety Systems

Safety Manager – Main Responsibilities:

  • » Facilitating hazard identification, risk assessment, and management
  • » Monitoring the implementation of actions taken to mitigate risks, as listed in the safety action plan, unless action follow-up is addressed by the compliance monitoring function
  • » Providing periodic reports on safety performance to the safety review board
  • » Ensuring the maintenance of safety management documentation
  • » Ensuring that there is safety training available and that it meets acceptable standards
  • » Providing advice on safety matters
  • » Ensuring the initiation and follow-up of internal occurrence investigations

Safety Auditors – Main Responsibilities:

  • » Supporting the Internal Audit Program as well as assisting the Safety Department with other auditing functions and duties
  • » Assisting in the continuing development and executes the internal evaluation plan
  • » Conducting evaluations of Departments within Operations
  • » Performing analysis, root cause analysis, and determining corrective actions to determine adverse events or trends within the operations department
  • » Reviewing evaluation results, preparing reports, recommendations, and responses
  • » Preparing flight operations trending analysis reports and charts
  • » Reviewing with Supervisors corrective action responding to inspections and internal evaluations findings for the adequacy
  • » Assisting with Safety Management System requirements

How to sign up for the SMS for Flight Operations Safety Managers Diploma?

You can register at the Diploma page here or contact for further details or group enrollments.

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