Aircraft General Familiarisation Courses are available for Boeing

AETS banner 3 06 SOLSofema Online (SOL) is delighted to share the availability of

Boeing General Familiarisation Courses

The online self-study General Familiarisation (Gen Fam) training courses provide an excellent solution to training engineers or company support staff to A license standard, giving the required in-depth aircraft type knowledge with the advantage of distance learning. The courses cover all mechanical and avionics systems, with a quiz at the end of each ATA chapter. On successful completion, you will be able to download your serial numbered certificate.

Our General Familiarisation courses meet EASA’s knowledge LEVEL 1 definition as contained in Regulation EU No. 1321/2014 ANNEX III, Part 66, Appendix I Basic Knowledge Requirements and ATA 104 Level 1 requirements;

‘A familiarisation with the principal elements of the subject, with the objective;

(a) The applicant should be familiar with the basic elements of the subject.

(b) The applicant should be able to give a simple description of the whole subject, using common words and examples.

(c) The applicant should be able to use typical terms’.

The courses begin with an aircraft type introduction, then cover each ATA chapter to approximately Part 66 Level 1.

Boeing General Familiarisation Courses Available:

» Boeing 737 – 3/4/500 General Familiarisation
» Boeing 737 – 6/7/8/900 General Familiarisation
» Boeing 737 Max Leap 1B General Familiarisation
» Boeing 767 Series with CF6 General Familiarisation
» Boeing 777 Series Gen Fam with GE90 & RR Trent
» Boeing 787 Gen Fam – Coming soon

How to register for Boeing training courses?

Contact [email protected] to receive further information and to Sign up for your preferred training!