How Does Sofema Online ( Support 3rd Country EASA Part 145 Organisations with their Regulatory Training Obligations?

How Does Sofema Online Support 3rd Country EASA Part 145 Organisations with their Regulatory Training Obligations» Foreign 145 Approval Holders Regulatory Training
» EASA Part 145 Third Country Regulatory Training
» EASA Part 145 EASA Part 66 Module 9 & Part 66 Module 10 Training

Introduction – Sofema Online (SOL)

» SOL currently provides over 250 Courses, Packages & Diploma Programs with over 37500 enrollments since 2021.
» SOL recognizes that a fundamental requirement for online training is to ensure that it provides the essential content which is focused on a deep understanding of the subject matter, for this reason, we ensure that behind each training is a practical knowledgeable tutor.
» Major benefits include convenience and flexibility, availability ease of use through any internet-connected computer, and the ability of the student to learn at their own pace without any limitations.
» Online training is an extremely cost-effective method for delivering niche regulatory training.

What Does EASA Expect from 3rd Country 145 Organisations?

EASA fulfills the role of Regulatory Authority for Foreign 145 Approval Holders – Full details related to all the obligations and requirements including the initial application for approval can be found here

Certifying Staff Training

Please see the following user guides for a detailed understanding regarding the requirement to provide regulatory Initial & Recurrent training to Certifying Staff:

» Foreign Part-145 approvals - Aircraft certifying staff and support staff UG.CAO.00121-004

» Foreign Part-145 approvals - Components, engines and APU certifying staff UG.CAO.00126-003

EASA Part 66 Module 9 & Module 10

Why Does EASA Require Approval Holders to ensure Certifying Staff can demonstrate that they have completed a course of instruction compliant with Part 66 Module 9 & 10?

» Providing 3rd Countries Certifying Staff hold an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License (AMEL) compliant with ICAO Annex 1 other than training in Part 66 Mod 9 & Mod 10, there is no requirement to meet the full obligations of EASA Part 66 Certifying Staff.
» EASA expects never the less that the 145 organisation is able to demonstrate that the certifying staff is aware of the EASA regulatory environment (Part 66 module 10) and has been trained to an acceptable standard in Human Factors (Part 66 module 9).

Sofema Online Provides Organisations with the opportunity to undertake Part 66 Module 9 & Module 10 Equivalent Training with Self-Paced online training.

In the Classroom these 2 courses together will take 8 days (3 Days for HF & 5 Days for Air Legislation) – SOL has put together an online program which complies fully with the regulatory requirements. Please see here for details

Is this delivery method acceptable to EASA?

During the last 3 Years, SOL has provided this training to 100’s of delegates and there has never been a rejection.

Important note – The receiving organisation is responsible for the training which is delivered to its staff – to fully support this obligation Sofema Online provides the following:

» Guest Access (FOC) to audit the course training material
» A detailed syllabus (course learning objectives) available through a dedicated Sofema Online Page - See here

How can I manage and oversee the training and examination process?

Please see the following Notes Regarding Organisational Course Management & Control:

» Note 1: Module 9 & 10 courses in their entirety are constructed at the highest level throughout to support Aircraft Certification & Component (Certifying Staff – to be interpreted as follows - LEVEL 2: A general knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject and an ability to apply that knowledge).
» Note 2: The acceptance of this course is the responsibility of the receiving organisation and forms part of the management of competence of the certifying staff.
» Note 3: It is ultimately the responsibility of the Quality Assurance / Compliance Manager to ensure that the content of this training is fully compliant with the organisational requirement to meet EASA Part 145 objectives. For online and group access please contact
» Note 4: The Course Learning Objectives show how the course is structured and the typical time to complete.
o The Quality Assurance Manager / Compliance Manager should ensure the student fully engages with the course material and examination.
o This can be ensured by supervised access to the material, supervised the completion of the examination together with competence assessment to ensure satisfactory completion.

What is the cost for Mod 9 & Mod 10 for a single student?

» Separately the courses are priced at 405 EUR
» Taken together as a package we offer a special price of 283.50 EUR* (*Saving 121.5 EUR)
Privileged Training Partners can save an additional 10% off / Delegate - See details here

I Have many students for this training is there another option for pricing?

Please see Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP) by taking this option for your 145 training the savings available can be significant.

CFP is a process whereby our clients can enable access to over 250 Regulatory Compliant & Vocational courses to every one of their employees at an unbeatable cost.

Please see here for details

Summary of Benefits Corporate Freedom Pass (CFP)

» Provides Access for your entire workforce to a portfolio of online training courses which would normally Cost Several 000’s Euros.
» You are able to nominate a group of staff to attend a training and when complete to nominate the next group and continue in this way throughout the year of membership.
» Sofema Online training opportunity is open to every employee within your organisation.
» With more than 250 Courses available you can manage your training program with support from Sofema for maximum utilization and cost-saving for your organisation.

Next Steps

Please see Sofema Online for additional details. For any requests, comments or questions please email