Sofema successfully carried out the workshop: Meeting the Challenges of Implementing SMS within an EASA Part 145 Organisation

Sofema successfully carried out the workshop Meeting the Challenges of Implementing SMS within an EASA Part 145 OrganisationOn 12 January 2023 we organised a free-of-charge Part 145 SMS Online Workshop for 50 Aviation professionals working in Part 145 organisations from numerous countries

The delegates had the chance to discuss related subjects with a highly experienced aviation industry professional and trainer –
Steve Bentley, CEO of Sofema Aviation Services & Sofema Online, and Mladen Duisin, Quality and Safety Manager of RAS Technic.

During the 2 and a half hours event, many topics were reviewed and discussed, including:

  • » What are the Primary Challenges related to the Implementation of SMS within an EASA 145?
  • » Why is the Role of SMS Misunderstood in some Organisations?
  • » How to build trust within an EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organisation?
  • » What are the implications of introducing a Safety Management System within an EASA Part 145 Organisation?
  • » Gathering Data within the 145 Organisation.
  • » Implementing a 145 Emergency Response Plan.
  • » How to define what goes into recurrent training and where to write it?
  • » How to demonstrate effective management of harmonization in a maintenance contract (OPS vs Part145 / CAMO)? & more

The attendees found the subjects and discussions beneficial to their work process and the following feedback was shared with us:

J. A., Technical Planner:
“The instructor was able to proactively identify, quantify as well as show how to mitigate risks.”

M. M.:
“Overall the workshop was very helpful and rich of information. The instructor cleared well the role of the safety manager and explained the challenges that would face the safety team in an airline.”

S. G., Licensed Aircraft Engineer:
“All of the aspects were useful and for sure I will recommend to other people.”

Thank you to all participants for attending the 145 SMS Workshop! It was our pleasure to organise it.

Sofema will keep organising such events in support of our customers’ training development.