Welcome to the new members of our Privileged Training Partner (PTP) program!

Welcome to the new members of our Privileged Training Partner PTP program SOLSofema Online (SOL) is delighted to welcome the following two new members to our Privileged Training Partner (PTP) program:
Legend Airlines
Joen Service Oy

They joined our Partners Network including over 90 aviation companies from around the world that benefit from Corporate and Individual Discounts on more than 650 Classrooms, Webinars, and 300+ Online Training Courses!

Our new PTP members will directly benefit from our support and the opportunity to achieve significant savings.

What is our PTP Program about?

The PTP program is our everyday Discount & Benefits Program and not an exclusive offer. It combines all the offers of Classroom & Online and when you become a PTP client you may choose the best discount option to meet your and your organisation’s requirements.

What are the available SAS discounts?

» Discounts of up to 40% from the regular price for our Open Classroom Training sessions
» 20% discount from the total cost of In-company Training (Please note variation to PTP in respect of withholding tax)
» 15% discount for each employee attending an open Webinar
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What benefits do our PTP partners receive with Sofema Online (SOL)?

All of our partners have the opportunity to assign a Corporate User Account to a training administrator with access to all trainees’ profiles at www.SofemaOnline.com and can benefit from the following features:

» SOL Corporate User Account is open to all SAS – PTP members
» Enrollment freedom – you can enroll team members whenever it is convenient and without worrying about making the payment in advance
» Special Freedom Pass price of €1099 (€1375): gives access to all online training programs at www.SofemaOnline.com for 1 year
» All users receive a 20% discount (minimum) on a Single Courses (10% on Packages & Diplomas)
» Monthly Invoices are issued with 30 Days to pay
» Free Soft copy with 3 Cumulative Enrollments for any course
» Your Company Account Manager has admin access to view the training status of your team
» A monthly status report and Invoice are issued at the end of each month 
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Want to become a Sofema Privileged Training Partner?

The PTP program is open to any organisation wishing to receive our support and the opportunity to achieve significant savings.

You may request admission to the program at any time and this will be considered on its merit.

Want your Staff to be fully Compliant with the Regulatory Training Obligations?

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