Sharing is caring See the delegates’ feedback about their training experience with SOL

Sharing is caring See the delegates feedback about their training experience with SOL SOLOur sister company Sofema Online (SOL) is pleased to share customer feedback regarding our services.

 A company cannot achieve better service without paying attention to the people that are most important for its growth – its customers. When it comes to customer experience, we strive to be the best. We believe that in order to progress, the organisation needs to pay attention to the needs of its customers.

We value our clients’ opinion highly as it helps us improve and continue to develop. See what some of them shared about their training experience with Sofema Online and our comments regarding their feedback.

Sl.K., January 2023 – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

“My overall experience with completing courses is excellent and I am very satisfied with the content of each of the courses. I would recommend this program to anyone who does some CAMO relation activities because of the complexity and comprehensiveness of the courses.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Many thanks for your kind words – The CAMO Diploma is one of our best sellers and provides access to a unique collection of courses which benefit the CAMO role in any organisation.”

A.S., December 2022 – Aircraft Technical Leasing- EASA Learning Path Diploma

“It was very detailed in the regulatory aspects and theoretical part. I found some new information and refreshed my knowledge. I would recommend this course for those who just begin the transition projects. Nevertheless, some of the topics are interesting even if you have big experience and for sure to update the new regulations knowledge.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Appreciate your feedback, A.S. Many operators suffer a financial loss during lease returns and this was one of the primary objectives of our Leasing Program Training Course – Some of our clients have made this program mandatory before people engage in an aircraft lease return – with the potential for significant saving if the program is planned early enough.”

R.R., December 2022 – EASA Continuing Airworthiness Instructor

“I am delighted and thankful that Sofema gave me the opportunity to attain a diploma, this is the highest level of training I have received in my aviation career. I would definitely recommend the program. The best feature is the flexibility of time and the way the program is designed to assist people like myself who jumped right into aviation as apprentices and never had the chance for a college or university-level education. “

Comment from Sofema Online: “Appreciate your feedback regarding the Continuing Airworthiness Instructor Diploma – The Program has been specifically developed to address all theoretical aspects of the various challenges faced by Instructors specializing in Part 145 / Part CAMO / or Part 147. Many training organisations use our program as an opportunity to baseline instructional staff, and individuals who aspire to become instructors use this Diploma as an opportunity to build individual competency.”

D.N., November 2022 – Approved Maintenance Organisation

“The courses were well planned and easy to understand. The presentations were well organized. I was able to plan my time well despite my busy schedule at work and I was able to finish the courses within the stipulated time. Definitely, I will recommend Sofema to others as it is more informative and easy to fit the classes in between work and family. I also got to know about it from someone who has completed a Sofema course.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Many thanks for the kind words, D. N. It is always nice to hear that friends and colleagues have recommended our services. To share that we also know that we are on a continuous learning path and constantly strive to improve and welcome all feedback and suggestions.”

J.K., October 2022 – Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma

“I learned about the Aviation Leadership Diploma from co-workers. The courses were very informative, well-presented and relevant to the industry. Definitely recommend it!”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Thank you, J. K. The Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma is one of our best sellers and exposes the student to many aspects of corporate leadership and interaction.”

M.S., September 2022 – EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Foundation

“The content was very well ordered and presented. The resource materials were also very helpful.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Thank you, M.S. We are pleased to share that we have built a large portfolio of Foundation Courses – Specifically to provide a cost-effective solution for people who are looking for a basic introduction to the subject matter. Regarding resource material we have built up a collection of over 500 relevant documents which we are pleased to share FOC in our Download Area.”

Ch. E., July 2022 – EASA Part CAMO Safety (SMS) & Human Factor (HF) Training (Initial) with VO

“The course was really nice, one of the highest level I performed for the last 16 years, congratulations on the quality of this course.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Many thanks, Ch. E. We appreciate very much your kind words – Our current enrollments have reached over 2500/month and this is a testament to the work the entire Sofema Team invests in every course to prepare for our clients. Many hours are involved in preparing the courses with voice over and we are pleased you enjoyed one of them.”

B.A., February 2022 – CAMO Diploma

“It was a joyful experience, I enjoyed the information provided and the relevance to my career and goals out of this Diploma. I did indeed recommend it to several people, and also our civil authority employees for them to register for this course and gain the knowledge.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Thank you, B.A. We very much appreciate your willingness to share with friends and colleagues the availability of our training courses it is because of the willingness of so many Sofema Online clients to support us in this way we will reach 100,000 enrollments during 2023.”

H.M., January 2022 – Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Recurrent) with VO

“Generally well done. Much better product than other service providers I´ve used in the past. The narrator had very good real-life examples and background information regarding accidents, which were used as examples.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Many thanks for your kind words, H.M. One of the benefits provided by Sofema is delivering so many training programs related to training for trainers, which means we get to practice what we preach. Incidentally, the narrator started his aviation career in 1971 and is with 50 years of commercial aviation experience. If we can tempt you to try more courses, please see our Training Portfolio with over 300 Courses, Packages and Diplomas to choose from.”

N.M., January 2022 – Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff Diploma

“For anyone thinking of looking into using Sofema for courses, I would highly recommend them to anyone. All courses are very well laid out, informative and easy to follow. Exams are difficult enough (as you would expect) but if the hard work is put in through the courses, then you will get the results you want.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Thank you, N.M. The credit is due to the tireless devotion of the SOL and SAS Training Support Team. During 2023 we are expecting to break our records with over 27,500 enrollments.”

A.E., November 2021 – CAMO Diploma

“I definitely would recommend it, the best thing is that it covers almost all areas and the way of presenting the content and dividing it. Also, the control questions at the end of each module was a good thing, which makes follow-up easier. I’ll definitely follow up and get more courses regarding the CAMO part when they are available.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Many Thanks for your kind words, A.E. We are very pleased with our CAMO diploma which is a product like no other providing the equivalent of 18 days of classroom training for an outstanding price.”

K.C., October 2021 – Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma

“Overhaul experience on course completions – They were well received and structured. No issues. I recommend all the time and issue courses to Organizational Staff.”

Comment from Sofema Online: “Thank you, K. C. The Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma is one of our most important programs – We are pleased to provide an annual sponsorship of 100 places each year for this program. It is designed to introduce the student to many aspects of corporate leadership behaviours.”

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