SofemaOnline - The E-learning Revolution!

SofemaOnline (SOL) is a service provided by Sofema Aviation Services, offering a range of EASA, FAA, and other leading regulatory compliant and vocational online courses, many with voice over.

All Regulatory and Vocational training courses are carefully formulated to be effective and to help you reach the correct level of understanding in the comfort of your own home or office.

The course content is followed by an online examination after which you are able to print out your certificate.

With an intuitive & multifunctional Learning Management System (LMS), SOL is able to offer a number of tailored services to support our major clients with in-company courses covering internal procedures and “mini” training courses.

The portfolio of available training courses is constantly being expanded and includes more than 100 Courses across multiple aviation disciplines including all the 145 recurrent training courses, Electro Static Discharge Sensitive (ESDS), Safety Management System (SMS), Maintenance Planning and Production Planning. OPS, CAMO, AMO - if you do not see your required course please email us at

As well as the generic courses which are loaded and available for all users, there are company-specific courses that can only be accessed by your nominated delegate.

If any questions occur during the studying process our experienced trainers would be happy to support you. We also have a LinkedIn Group dedicated to SofemaOnline users - SofemaOnline User Forum.

This group is to enable users to interact and to ask technical questions which can be considered and answered by colleagues and forum members.