Safety Management System Health Checks

  • How active is your organisational SMS?
  • How satisfied are you with your SMS?
  • Is it actually guiding safety behaviour within your organisation?
  • Does your system impact culture and behaviour in your organisation?

SAS audits and assessments are confidential and independent delivered in a professional and timely manner, whether it is a partial audit or a review of the entire process. The audit will deliver a full assessment highlighting and system exposures at the same time identifying opportunities.

Where are we different ?

Please consider that many audits focus on the compliance of the system with the documentation rather than developing measures of effectiveness, SAS audits focus on the effectiveness of the system performance.

We all recognize that an effective SMS should receive Compliance Quality Audits to ensure system viability together with Safety assessment process to look at the identification of Hazards and the management of risk analysis and mitigation processes.

SAS services are flexible, bespoke and tailored to your individual needs, with it is an ad hoc audit or an in depth program to support the implementation and development of your Safety Management System.

Developing an Effective Safety Management Systems takes time and consumes a great deal of Management Bandwidth. We are able to support with Safety Audits and Safety Surveys as well as to support with Quality Audits of SMS Systems.

Our SMS team consisting of facilitators and trainers is both highly trained and has a comprehensive and in depth understanding of methodologies to integrate SMS into the management system to not just lower safety but to drive efficiency and savings in the work place.