SofemaOnline (SOL) is pleased to announce the availability of a dedicated training program for EASA Third Country Part 145 Component Maintenance Organisation Part 66 Module 9 & Part 66 Module 10 online training which taken together is available as a specially priced package.

EASA requires that Third Country Part 145 Component, Engine & APU Certifying Staff are familiar with and can demonstrate completion of EASA Part 66 Training appropriate to Module 9 Human Factors & Module 10 Air Legislation.

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Our Learning Diplomas are quickly becoming an effective solution to the challenge of building competency, with more than 150 online courses currently available we are ideally positioned to support your training needs. The Sofema Online team is renowned for its excellent preparation and organization skills providing a superb online learning experience as well as a friendly and approachable customer service – Contact Sofema Online now at  

Sofema Courses are developed by subject matter experts with a strong work ethic as well as a deep knowledge and passion for their subject. Our focus is aimed at raising your competency by significantly improving your knowledge, understanding and practical skills.

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SofemaOnline - Case Study Eastern Airlines


For many people in aviation today the events of Eastern Airlines Flight 855 are long forgotten, however, the memory does live on and on this fateful day many lives were saved thanks to the calm and professional approach of the pilots.

What happened?

On May 5, 1983, a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, registration N334EA, en route from Miami International Airport to Nassau International Airport, experienced the loss of all three engines near Miami, Florida. Following a decision to return to Miami.

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SofemaOnline reviews the errors specifically attributable to interaction with documentation in the production of task cards and other maintenance data.


It is both understood and recognized that certain aircraft maintenance errors are strongly linked to the issue of documentation both related to its content as well as the lack of use/engagement.

Related to technical authorship the primary concern is that the technician may misunderstand the information/context and as a result use their own knowledge instead of seeking clarification of a potential anomaly.

Case Study (Based on Data gathered following investigation & workshops)

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SofemaOnline takes a look at the pros and cons of aircraft lease options

The acquisition cost of aircraft is a significant undertaking with Boeing & Airbus Narrow Body Jets around the million USD.

Serious discounts are on offer for multiple purchases and with the buying power of the large leasing companies typically able to order aircraft well into double digits the leasing companies are able to generate interesting options for operators whereby the cost of acquisition can be more competitive from a leasing company than going to the manufacturer directly.

Note - Whilst this applies of course to new aircraft and the leasing companies have the added advantage of a portfolio of pre-owned aircraft.

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