Aircraft Maintenance Planner Roles and Responsibilities

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Sofema Online (SOL) takes a deep dive into the roles and responsibilities of aircraft maintenance planners

Considerations Include:

>> Aircraft Maintenance Planner Typical Duties Training & Responsibilities

>> Typical Training to support Career Path Development of an Aircraft Maintenance Planner

>> Aircraft Maintenance Planner Skill Level Development & Training

Introduction to the Typical Skills and Abilities of an Aircraft Maintenance Planner 

To be an effective aircraft maintenance planner requires you to have clear communication skills as well as a sound knowledge of maintenance practices (Ideally you have spent some years hands-on in an aircraft maintenance environment).

You will be familiar with workflow processes; Have a strong level of IT competency and will be focused on delivering high-quality work to a deadline.

Aircraft Maintenance Planner Roles & Responsibilities

>> Developing scheduled maintenance forecast based on analysis of airline schedules and maintenance operations.

>> Scheduling maintenance activities based on the required aircraft operational usage to minimize costs and ensure efficiency.

>> Planning, managing, preparing, and issuing all maintenance work packages for line and base maintenance activities, based on the following aspects:

- Type and nature of the airline operations

- Typical Down Time & Availability 

- Specific Facility Requirements to support the complexity of the required maintenance

- Manpower and competence requirements

Aircraft Maintenance Planners Typical Training & Career Development 

Whilst Aircraft maintenance planners typically receive a considerable amount of on-the-job training either as a part of a mentoring program or ongoing performance coaching it is possible to enroll in a number of online training programs to accelerate your learning path development.

Sofema Online provides multiple training for Aircraft Maintenance Planners – Please see the following pages & gain access to 10 separate courses each with its own certificate:

Aircraft Maintenance Planning Package

EASA Compliant Maintenance Planning (MP) Training – Booster Package

>> Competence Building for Aircraft Maintenance Planning Engineers

>> Aircraft Maintenance Planning Professional Learning Path Development

>> Online Training for Maintenance Planning Staff

Sofema Online (SOL) is pleased to present an outstanding offer that focused on the competence development of EASA compliant maintenance professionals – Benefit from Half-Price access to the Maintenance Planning (MP) Booster Package.

A total of 10 Separate courses – Each one certificated to support the career development of Aircraft Maintenance Planning Professionals.

Taken together with the discounted MP package, plus the half-price MP Booster Package means that you can complete all ten courses for only 370 EUR which provides a significant saving.

Next Steps:

Kick start your maintenance planning career now – See the following page: Manage your career path with the complete Aircraft Maintenance Planning Program by Sofema Online

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