Aircraft Technical Library Operational Procedures

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SofemaOnline (SOL) considers best practices related to the Technical Library OPS.

Access Control

The Main Library Operates as a secure and controlled business area – Satellite Libraries are controlled by the business area appropriate to Library Location.

Persons authorized to access the main library are

» All Library Staff
» Quality Assurance Personnel

» Engineering Managers
» Maintenance Controllers

During office hours the library is available to all staff who may access and use the provided study area.

Out of hours, an access key is available with Security who will facilitate access to nominated persons

Classification and Cataloguing of Material and Documents

The classification of the materials will be carried out in the following


  1. Controlled and Uncontrolled
  2. Hard and Electronic Copy

Note All material will carry a unique identification mark for traceability

Designation of Controlled & Uncontrolled Documentation

Controlled Material Includes

o   Controlled Technical Materials and Documents in the library are marked “controlled copy” and assigned a unique copy number for tracking purposes.

o   Controlled documents which are loaned shall be recorded in the Loan register and must not leave the premises unless specifically authorized by the Library Manager

» Revision Control – Within the Main Library

o   All controlled Technical Materials & documents in the library will be maintained to the highest revision status and shall be subjected to QC checking and validation on a monthly basis – Actioned by TL Staff

o   The Applicable Record of Revision / Record of Amendments shall be updated by the librarian whenever new revision/amendments to these documents/materials follow incorporation.

» Revision Control – Satellite Libraries  

o   All controlled Technical Materials & documents in the library will be maintained to the highest revision and shall be subjected to QC checking and validation on a monthly basis – Actioned by Business Area against TL provided a checklist

o   All revisions will be formally controlled and signed for the following incorporation

» Uncontrolled Materials

o   The Technical Materials and Documents other than the “Controlled Technical Materials and Documents”

o   These Technical Materials and Documents will be registered and marked as uncontrolled and may not be to the latest revision status.

Material & Documents available through the Internet / Intranet

The library is responsible to control and manage the loading of documentation in electronic format onto the library servers. (both internally generated and provided by Vendors)

» The revision status of all such loaded documents shall be checked and updated as soon as possible after receipt of a revision.

o   A monthly quality Control check will be carried out, documented & signed for.

Library Archive

Hard/Soft Copy Material & Media which is replaced during a revision cycle will be kept in the archive for a period of 12 months

Any disposal will then take place following a meeting of the Quality Manager and Technical Library Manager.

Managing Material Location within the Main Library

Material is maintained segregated, categorized, labelled and the location is recorded to enable Tracking & Locating.

Housekeeping & Monthly Inspection

A weekly housekeeping & library facilities checklist will be completed, signed and passed to the Technical Library Manager.

The librarian will prepare the monthly document status holdings list which will apply to both the main & satellite libraries.

Files Backup Procedure

To protect documents from theft, flood and fire. All Soft Copy Forms & Internal Documents Allocated to the Library Safe Keeping shall be backed up :

» To Assigned Cloud Storage
» To External Hard drive provided to the Librarian in order

The External Hard Drive is kept in a fireproof safe – the External backup consists of 4 complete sets of documents & will be done in such a way that there will 4 separate backup folders.

After the 5th backup, the 1st backup in the external hard drive will be deleted and so on to repeat each week.

Next Steps

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