Airport Ramp Safety Human Factors Trainers Learning Path

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The Current Portfolio of SAS “TTT” - training courses currently on offer include Ramp Safety / HF TTT - Maintenance Instructor TTT, Human Factors TTT, Internal Auditor TTT, Safety Management System TTT, Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) & Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) TTT and Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) TTT.

Correct Understanding is Important

Let's have a clear understanding here because it is important to understand that a 3 or 4 day training does not “Deliver” a trainer and clearly we would be “not correct”  if we were to believe this to be so.☺

The reality is that this course as well as other activities is part of a systematic process of building soft skills and competence across a range of topics which support the organization.

Developing your our own “Internal” Ramp Safety HF Trainer to manage the organizations training need is:

a) An effective decision as it allows you to take control
b) Potentially a cost effective solution to managing your training needs
c) A way that permits standardisation and measurement of performance


RS HF Trainers do not have to be full time “trainers” they may also be successfully employed within the Ramp environment.

Trainers are available for new staff and can deliver training at relatively short notice.

Flexibility can be built into the program to support the development of competence management and oversight related to the management of Ramp Operations (RAMP OPS).


The program must be managed by a competent person who has a thorough understanding of all issues (For example the Safety Manager).

The competence of the instructors must also be ensured and managed (this is key to the success of the program as a weak instructor will deliver weak training which will undervalue and undermine the program).

It is taken for granted that there is a prerequisite knowledge of the underlying subject with which you intend to become your organization’s “Trainer”.

For example it is not possible to take a person with little or no Airport Ramp Experience and to make this person the Ramp Safety Human Factor Trainer (even it could be considered an organizational risk exposure to believe this is possible)

On a number of occasions we have been asked “If I do the RS - HF TTT course can I deliver RS - HF Training”.

The truth you are on a Trainers Journey and everything depends on where you are personally on your Journey!

The following is an acceptable pre-requisite to position correctly to deliver RS-HF TTT to the highest standard.

Step by Step - The purpose of the SAS Train the Trainer course is to take a step on the journey which the organization should manage – it does not signify the entire journey.

The specific advantage of SAS training it is highly practical in nature and focuses very much on the challenges we face as trainers.

The following are typical attributes of a Ramp Safety HF Trainer:

1. Have a genuine desire to want to share knowledge in a practical way – if you do not enjoy standing up in front of a group to enthuse and motivate people it is unlikely that you will ever become an effective trainer – It should be a pleasure not a chore!
2. Have a strong Aviation background
3. Attend several courses (or be extremely familiar with the subject matter) for RS - HF ideally by different instructors, at least 4 should be a minimum – more is better
4. Have an inquisitive mind and a desire to understand and investigate root causes and how these are impacted by human behaviour

SAS has been running the TTT course program since 2009 and many of the delegates (all from a maintenance background) are now regularly delivering RS - HF and other training courses successfully in their respective organization’s.

So in conclusion the TTT course is not for everyone, It is for knowledgeable persons who are looking to hone there teaching skills and understand the challenges of successfully communicating with an adult audience.

As with all dedicated activities in our industry the key word is Competence - competence in oversight and competence in delivery.

To finish with the following good wish -

Good luck with you career development and success in sharing your knowledge with other people!

Sofema Aviation Services and SofemaOnline offer EASA and ICAO compliant regulatory training in skills needed to deliver effective Ramp Safety and Human Factor Training in the Workplace.

For details please email or

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