Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development - Core Principles of Operational Excellence

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Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com looks at the core principles which enable us to deliver operational excellence within our organizations.

Introduction – What do we mean by Operational Excellence.?

Operational Excellence can be described as  “A philosophy of the workplace where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership results in the ongoing improvement in an organization.

Embrace Quality First Principles

To ensure the delivery of “Quality” as the desired outcome requires all elements of the process to be delivered in accordance with the required standard, where each area of the delivery process is managed in accordance with first principles.

       » Any Non-Conformity should be addressed at the Earliest Opportunity

 The Role of Value Creation for Customer 

Understanding the Customers’ needs is an important prerequisite if we are going to ensure that we can add value to the customer experience.

       » Organizations must continue to strive to understand both the needs and expectations of their customers.

       » Organizations that fail to deliver value to the customer will diminish. 

The Need for Systematic Thinking 

A system recognizes the importance of the interconnected elements within the complete business process. The ability to understand the relationship between the various parts to be able to make the most effective decisions.

       » Avoid Blinker or Narrow Vision, the wider the focus the more likely you will be to achieve a positive outcome.

The Need to Focus on the Process – Not to Play the Blame Game! 

Often the tendency to look for someone to blame is a natural tendency of human intervention. However very often the problem is not with the person but with the system – means we should be looking at the process as part of the solution.

Respect for All

Each member of the team has both worth and potential, therefore everyone deserves respect. The important takeaway from this is to show respect for each employee in an appropriate way.

        » Strive to involve employees in any activities which lead to improvements within their business area (such action will have a positive effect and help them feel motivated and empowered)

Humility & Leadership

Humility is evidenced by a willingness to both listen and act on the valid suggestions and opinions from everyone in the team irrespective of their role in the organization.

        » Without a doubt, Humility is an attribute of a strong leader 

Setting a High Bar

By setting a High Bar we can all focus on a shared mindset that delivers

       » Solutions that do not compromise the quality of the outcome.
       » To always focus on the long term and not “quick fix” solutions to address a given problem 

Next Steps 

Sofema Online introduces a new series of courses focused on the development of Soft Skills Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – see here for details of our Aviation Leadership Diploma: 



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