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SofemaOnline (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com considers the optimum process for Effective Marketing using Data-Driven Advertising

Introduction - What is Data-Driven Marketing?

Data-driven marketing is used to describe approaches to optimizing our marketing communications based on customer information.

Effective use of customer data allows us to anticipate their needs, wishes, and even potential future behaviors.

A detailed insight into our customers enables us to develop personalized marketing strategies and thus to improve our return on investment (ROI).

What is the Difference Between Conventional & Data-Driven Marketing?

Marketing typically focuses on two objectives.

      » To learn our customers’ needs and desires.
      » Using this knowledge to then deliver what customers wish to buy.
      » To consider in practical terms

o   To gain a deep understanding of the target audience

o   Identifying and anticipating customer needs

o    Develop strategies to deliver products that satisfy those needs.

How to Develop Data-Driven Advertising Strategies

      » Understanding Buying behavior- in particular, past purchasing history
      » Attracting audiences to visit your own website ideally organically
      » Consider Paid methods to drive website traffic where the ROI is justified
      » Prioritize quality over quantity.
      » Turn anonymous in-store browsers to known contacts with incentives and deals that encourage them to register and to supply a contact email

o   Important to not only build an email list but start to gather data about any new contacts.

Benefits of Data-Driven Advertising

Effective Data Management allows us to target our prospect in the right way and promote positive engagement – consider the following attributes -

      » Strengthen Emotional Connections With Your Audience
      » Insight into how buyers engage with your Product
      » The ability to create highly targeted campaigns with personalized messaging to resonate with consumers.

Challenges Related to Data-Driven Marketing

      » The Amount of Data is overwhelming
      » How to filter the needed information?
      » Not able to work effectively with the available Data
      » Manually extracting and updating data regularly can be tedious
      » The potential for Data Silos to develop – Means Data is kept in different places and we are not able to effectively integrate and Analyse the Data

Do you know which marketing channels generate drive the most profitable engagements?

If we can determine both the source and related interactions we can develop a store of useable and relevant data and to be able to consider

      » How to predict what a target audience is seeking
      » How to ensure we provide this audience with the optimum content
      » To ensure we use the best channel for delivery of our content 

The Need to Focus on Core Channels of Communication

      » Consider Less advertising but more permission-based strategies — email, mobile, social, website

Reality Check – Too much-disconnected advertising is not going to attract our customers if we bother them we are going to educate or attract – The WIN/WIN is when the customer chooses US!

Next Steps

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