Aviation Leadership - Developing Your Negotiating Self

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SofemaOnline (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com Considers Attitudes & Techniques which lead to a successful outcome when negotiating.

Making Concessions

Try to avoid making the first major concession, avoid creating the perception that the other party can raise their anticipated or expected outcomes.

» Take the early proceedings step by step - the stronger your entry position the better will be your likely outcome.

Too Eager to Make a Counter Offer

Do not give away too much or too early, from a negotiating perspective securing an acceptable offer is a major milestone. Drive a Win/Win while achieving your objectives.

Always Leave Room to Continue the Negotiation

Leave some “wiggle room” during the opening stage of the negotiations, deliberately pitch your opening position higher than what you ultimately are looking for.

» Deliver any concessions in small increments.
» By carefully controlling the concessions you are able to take the other party to a beneficial conclusion with a higher level of satisfaction

Getting to Yes!

Never be in a hurry to get to Yes

» Even it can be acknowledged that people are usually more “happy” with a settlement they feel they have worked for!
» Slow down the process with minor delays to analyze the offer and consider the data.

Keep the Boss in the Background

A surprising reality check is that having limited authority becomes a source of negotiating power.

» You create limits within the framework of what you are allowed
» Enables you to say no with good grace and to step back from the ownership
»You have the opportunity to use the “Boss” relationship as leverage during the negotiation, thus creating a degree of pressure.

Silence is Golden

Do not give information away voluntarily about your own position as this weakens your position
» Conversely, the more you can discover about the other side the better will be your position

Ensure you do your “Due Diligence”

Always validate any information provided by the other party
» What you get may not be what you expect
» Be smart and do your due diligence on both the terms as well as the ability of the other side to deliver

Do not Overfocus on Deadlines

Avoid the tendency to give away too much as the deadline approaches
» Always discipline yourself to make smaller concessions and spread them over the longer time

Be Ready to Walk

Be willing to walk away and if necessary to start again
» Having flexibility definitely puts you in a stronger position

Work on a Successful Closing

As with all soft skills - practice makes perfect and of course, negotiation is no different.

» Ensure you take all necessary steps to validate before finally accepting particularly where the contract is extensive
» Comprehend these strategies and play out different scenarios before you enter into any contract negotiation. And remember, before you sign a complex contract it is a good idea to have a qualified attorney or professional look it over.

Next Steps

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