Aviation Leadership Skills - Conflict Resolution

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SofemaOnline (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com considers techniques how to engage in resolving a conflict the different strategies to be considered as part of developing our negotiating skills.

Introduction - Do we Embrace or Fear Conflict?

It is a normal human reaction for many people to stay away or in extreme cases to fear conflict.

It is also normal that we want everyone who engages with us to be satisfied. In fact, a degree of conflict is a healthy part of any discourse.

Conflict means that people are actively negotiating their expectations with the other party.

What is Conflict Resolution?

Conflict resolution can be defined as an informal or sometimes formal process whereby two or more parties accommodate their differences and come to a peaceful agreement to their dispute.

The Importance of Open Communication

Open communication between the parties is always the best approach to support a healthy, long-term relationship.
» Addressing challenges is always easier when there is strong communication

Conflict Traps

Self-Focused interpretations as to what is fair. 

   ٭ We interpret what would be most fair to us and justify this preference on the basis of fairness

» Overconfidence. 

   ٭ Overconfidence leads us to unrealistic expectations.

   ٭ Possibly also an error that can lead them to reject a negotiated settlement that would save them time and money.

» Over-commitment. 

   ٭ Irrational escalation of commitment to a particular course of action (failing to recognize it is no longer value-driven)

» Conflict avoidance.

   ٭ Often Leads to a greater need for conflict resolution to finally reach an agreement

Conflict Management Skills

Active Listening

   ٭ Core Competency to focus on being attentive enables a better connection

   ٭ To practice active listening, take careful note of the other sides phrasing. Then respond in kind to demonstrate you have understood (paraphrase not parrot phrase)

» Emotional Intelligence

   ٭ The ability to perceive and understand other peoples’ emotions as well as your own.

   ٭ Essential when managing conflict to prevent escalation.

   ٭ Enables communication without provocation

   ٭ Allows an opportunity to think logically

» Patience

   ٭ Take the time to listen to all sides

   ٭ Apply value judgements evenly.

   ٭ Considering all options can help create a positive long-term solution

» Impartiality

   ٭ Separate the conflict from the people.

   ٭ Ignore personal characteristics.

   ٭ Focus on the problem

   ٭ Handle Urgent Issues first

» Be Positive

   ٭ Having a positive attitude will help ease the tension and can help to put others at ease

Next Steps

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