Aviation Leadership Skills - Understanding the Different Types of Negotiation Strategies

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SofemaOnline (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com considers the different strategies to be considered as part of developing our negotiating skills.


Always start with a strong understanding concerning the type of negotiation you are facing. In reality, every negotiation is about finding & distributing value. Every effort should be made to keep negotiations friendly and constructive.  

Having a good understanding regarding the value expectations of each side together with an awareness of what is available – both from a tangible and intangible point of view. (It is seldom that negotiation is limited to the visible options, there is always the possibility for creative strategies)

Considering Different Negotiating Strategies

Win-Lose Negotiations

o   Also Considered as a Competing Negotiation Style - Follows the model of “I win, you lose.” Competitive negotiators tend to do whatever it takes to reach their desired agreement

o   When you are facing a win-lose negotiation your strategy should focus on the other party's minimum requirements.

» Win-Win Negotiations

o   Considered as a collaborative negotiation style and follows the “I win, you win” outcome.

o   Focus on all parties meeting the objective “needs” met in an agreement.

o   Value placed on strengthening relationships without compromising best interests.

o   As a negotiator gains confidence in reaching agreements, they become more comfortable advocating for their needs, It is fair to say that a collaborative negotiation style can be effective in most business negotiations.

» Collaborative Negotiations (Essentially Win / Win)

o   Should be creative and friendly.

o   Business partnership negotiations thrive with a collaborative outcome

o    Collaborative negotiations focus on utilizing a positive outlook plus persuasive techniques and creativity.

o   A deep understanding of how to select and deploy strong teams can make the difference between an average outcome and a resounding success.

o   Bringing together subject matter experts can often facilitate better knowledge-gathering and also help to smooth the negotiations to achieve or at least to approach the desired outcome.

Subject matter experts can also help when you reach an impasse as they can serve as a powerful persuader

Note 1 Unlike the “win-win” collaborative style, the compromising negotiation style follows an “I win/lose some, you win/lose some” model. Compromisers often trade some elements /aspects in exchange for gaining other advantages

Note 2 – When negotiating with a well-organized team we can often bypass the tendency for personalities to get in the way – for example to allow our feelings to interfere with success. (A clear understanding of roles is crucial, for example, who will be the lead negotiator and who will manage the communication strategy.)

» Lose-Lose Adversarial Negotiations

o   Often Chosen by people who try to avoid conflict

o   Usually, a challenge with direct communication

o   May adversely affect interpersonal relationships

o   Lose-lose negotiations can quickly turn bitter and adversarial. Despite the fact that both parties will lose it's important to try to maintain a collaborative approach.

» Adversarial Negotiations

o   Highly competitive in nature.

o   Both Win-lose and lose-lose negotiations are likely to be adversarial

o   Intensive competition (unwilling to lose)

» Bad Faith Negotiation (To be aware)

o   Bad faith negotiation occurs when one side makes commitments that they have no intention of keeping.

o   To protect yourself if you believe that the other side is negotiating in bad faith consider adding penalty clauses in the agreement.

Next Steps

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