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Sofema Online(SOL) offers survival guidance for your business.

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Share Status with Financial Providers – No surprises

Banks very quickly become nervous so ensure regular dialogue with your lender always provides the earliest possible warning so that the best outcomes can be achieved.

Always preserve cash and to reduce pressure on cash funds consider delaying capital investment, where possible to obtain long term finance, also to consider asset sales and leaseback.

If your business is struggling financially, then do take advice at the earliest possible time in order to avoid unnecessary risks related to insolvency, also consider that there is the potential for charges of wrongful or even fraudulent trading.

Tax & Liabilities

Ensure that you take advantage of all available reliefs in addition to try to minimise or delay your tax expense wherever possible however to note if you are likely to not be able to meet all tax obligations to discuss at the earliest possible, it may be possible to agree on extended payment terms.

Deferring payments to suppliers may not be welcome by the supplier and may incur late payment penalties however if it generates essential cash to maintain the business it is worth considering.

Considering Business Overheads

Methodically review all overheads to ensure that each expense is necessary and that you are achieving optimum value (not the same as cheapest) but if possible avoid cutting any marketing expenditure.

If it is possible to outsource your HR function, ensuring that you have access to good advice as well as support for redundancy tribunals

Aviation Leadership & Management Skills Development Diploma

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Behavioral theorists believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning, and observation. Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice, and experience over time. Leadership learning is a lifetime activity.

Consider Leadership Training with the following Program

The Sofema Online Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma brings together 12 separate Courses (each one is certified) on completion of all 12 courses the student is awarded a hard copy diploma.

What is in the Diploma Program?

○ Leadership Skills

○ Body Language for Executives

○ Building Competency

○ Communication and Assertiveness

○ Public Speaking

○ Delivering an Effective Mentoring Program in Aviation Operations & Maintenance

○ Developing Positive Interview Skills

○ Developing Teams

○ EASA AM & Nominated Person 6 Sigma Awareness

○ Facilitating Effective Meetings

○ Introduction to Performance Coaching in Aviation Operations & Maintenance

○ Measuring Aviation Training Return on Investment (ROI)

Early Bird Introductory Special Offer

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The normal price is 502.5 Euro when taken separately, Diploma Price for all courses will be 325 Euro.

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